Located on North Pleasantburg Drive across the bridge behind the women’s residence halls, the newly opened The Funnel Cake House serves a variety of traditional carnival-type foods as well as café drinks.
As the name implies, funnel cake holds a central place at The Funnel Cake House.
House-favorite funnel cakes come in two sizes—“baby” for those looking for a snack and “mamma” for those looking to make a meal of it.
Customers can customize their dessert with a list of common and not-so-common toppings like ice cream, jams, Nutella and condensed milk.
As the restaurant says, “Your creativity is the limit!” Prices for funnel cakes with toppings range from $5 to $7.
But the menu includes more than just funnel cake.
The Funnel Cake House is also very fond of other fried foods: Oreos, mac and cheese bites, potato rings and even chocolate bars and cheesecake are fried and ready to eat in minutes.
Other menu choices include crepes, chocolate cake and cheesecakes.
Tony Handal, a member of The Funnel Cake House team, said fresh, natural and homemade best describes the restaurant’s menu.
Customers can enjoy the free Wi-Fi with a cool or hot café drink in hand.
Fresh coffee, tea and hot chocolate are all available for colder days while smoothies and milkshakes come in multiple flavors.
Formerly a Mexican restaurant, the remodeled building includes the front seating space and tables as well as a small back dining room.
Excited for potential business from BJU, The Funnel Cake House frequently offers specials particularly aimed at BJU students and even advertised in The Collegian.
The Funnel Cake House is open Wednesday through Sunday from 2 to 9 p.m. and closed Monday and Tuesday.
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