Barista Alley brings specialty coffee, smoothie bar to downtown Greer

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April 28, 2017
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April 28, 2017

Barista Alley brings specialty coffee, smoothie bar to downtown Greer

Barista Alley serves lattes made with several different flavors to choose from, including chocolate. Photo by Rebecca Snyder. 30.25

On March 21, another specialty coffee shop was welcomed into the greater Greenville area. Barista Alley, located in downtown Greer, is owned by Andrew Carter and run by a staff of friends and acquaintances who are passionate about introducing specialty coffee to their community.

Serving coffee from Methodical, a local café and coffee roaster in Greenville, the café offers the typical specialty coffee menu with lattes, pour overs, espressos, Americanos, macchiatos and more. Matt Patch, a barista at Barista Alley, said, “The main idea is to provide everyone with a place to enjoy specialty coffee in Greer.”   

In addition to the coffee menu, the café also offers smoothies and carries Circa doughnuts. Customers can order either the traditional smoothie or a smoothie bowl, which is topped with fresh fruits and can be ordered with granola. All their ingredients are locally sourced and organic. Circa is based in Greenville, and the shop’s granola comes from a supplier in Clemson.

“Customer service is paramount to everything we do,” Patch said. “We always say we would rather have the customer have a great experience and a good cup of coffee than the best cup of coffee in the world and have an average experience,” Patch said. “We don’t want to make this a pretentious thing.”

Owner Andrew Carter is passionate about his community and has instilled in his staff the value of a good experience.

With drinks priced between $3 and $6, this brick-walled, spacious and friendly café is a 20-minute drive from campus and open Monday-Saturday 6 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m.-6 p.m. for all of your early morning and late night coffee needs.

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