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The Collegian is an eight-page weekly college newspaper whose purpose is to inform, to enlighten and to entertain its readers: BJU students, faculty, alumni and extended family. The paper is published every Friday, both online and in print. With a circulation of about 3,300, The Collegian reaches an influential section of Greenville's population.

Reaching the hands of more than 6,000 on-campus readers every weekend, The Collegian is the way to influence students and families connected to the University through advertising. Companies new to Greenville often find a welcome home in the pages of The Collegian. Some businesses supplement their work force with BJU students through advertising in the paper.

Whatever your purpose, The Collegian is a great way to get communicate your message. We value your business. For information on advertising policies and rates, please email Mr. Jonny Gamet at or call extension 2973.

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