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Freshman floors develop camaraderie

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Thousands of graduates who have gone through Bob Jones University have called the residence halls home and share a similar dorm experience. From the coveted bottom of the double bed to the signature wood furniture, not much has changed in recent history.    But last year’s announcement of the freshman floor has shaken up residence


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Tongue-pierced, blue-haired and broken-hearted, one by one they shuffled into my classroom. My nerves had me running on two hours of sleep. This was my first time teaching in my local public school. After years of  being fed stories about the degradation of today’s youth, I thought I was about to meet a pack of

BJU to celebrate new era in ministry

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After the overwhelming fundraising success at Bible Conference which exceeded the $150,000 goal, the Center for Global Opportunities has transitioned from a vague concept in students’ minds to a reality on campus. Located on the first floor of the Alumni Building, the CGO consists of multiple renovated offices as well as an attractive open space

The Cheesecake Factory brings new flavor to Greenville

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After months of rumors, eventual confirmation and finally construction, Greenville’s own The Cheesecake Factory is open and operational.        Located adjacent to Haywood Mall, The Cheesecake Factory marks both Greenville’s and the franchise’s continued growth. Since its grand opening on May 31, The Cheesecake Factory has seen few empty tables. Its small army

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