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BJU to introduce interdisciplinary courses next year

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Beginning this fall, students in diverse majors will have the opportunity to join forces to create a single, unified learning experience as BJU introduces its first-ever interdisciplinary courses. According to Dr. Gary Weier, BJU’s vice president for academic affairs, three such courses are in the works for next year, including Incarnation and the Humanities  (Bi

Column: 10 Minutes

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Have you ever had one of those crazy, wonderful, scare-you-out-of-your-mind experiences where you learn more in the space of about 10 minutes than you have in probably the past 10 months? Something like that happened to me toward the end of the first semester of my sophomore year. I had changed my major from biology

Sports Column: From figure skater to hockey fan

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I’m your typical girly-girl — you know, nail polish and sparkles and ponies and absolutely no spiders. So people are often surprised when they find out that I’m an avid hockey fan. Known for vicious fights and rugged guys with toothless grins, hockey isn’t exactly the kind of sport you’d expect somebody like me to enjoy.

Column: Thanksgiving travel

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I have a history of misfortune in holiday travel, especially at Thanksgiving. Snowstorms, canceled flights and misplaced luggage seem to be the norm for me. In spite of my best efforts to make my way smoothly from point A to point B, something is always bound to go awry. Last year at Thanksgiving, in the

Veterans Day: honoring heroes among us

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Veterans Day. For most of us, this often-overlooked holiday means little more than a few small-town parades, historical television specials and grandfatherly octogenarians gathering at the local VFW to swap old war stories. But if that’s all this day is to us, we’re missing out. This special day is about honor, duty and lives that

Photostory: Investiture

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In a special ceremony on Friday, Sept. 19, the Bob Jones University Board of Trustees officially invested the duties of the office of the president upon Dr. Steve Pettit, the University’s fifth president and the first from outside the Jones family. The investiture was a major event for both the University and the Greenville community, with several higher education and government officials in attendance.

Investiture ceremony to honor new president

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The official investiture of Dr. Steve Pettit as Bob Jones University’s fifth president Friday, Sept. 19, will be an event full of firsts for the University.

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