Senior cinema film premiere to showcase senior films

Bob Jones University’s  cinema department will host the annual senior cinema movie premiere April 30 in Stratton Hall. The event will feature six films produced by six senior cinema production majors: Ryan Holmes, Craig Vietti, Rachel Madeira, Andrew Uibel, Danielle Wunker and John Reese. The films, which range from eight to 12 minutes in length,

A Young Lady of Property is being performed in Perf Hall.

A Young Lady of Property explores the meaning of home

Look beyond what you see. This is the advice that director Allison Jones offers to those planning to attend A Young Lady of Property. “I want people to be able to look at it on a deeper level and understand there’s this intricacy to the simplicity of things,” said Allison Jones, senior theatre arts major.

Shot of Dave schadel interviewing Paula Watts, a Transitions advisor for BJU.

Lights, camera, busted! Look closer at the Dave Schaedel Show

“How do you pronounce the name of the upcoming Italian opera?” “On a scale from Voldemort to Pepe le Pew, how romantic are you?” If you’ve heard these questions, or questions like them, chances are you’ve been watching the Dave Schaedel Show, BJU’s very own, student-produced take on a late-night TV show. Chelsea Moss, a

Wig shop creates costume’s crowning glory

Whenever a new production hits the stage, people gush about many things: the actors, the storyline, the set, the costumes, etc. But an often overlooked aspect of productions is sometimes the most obvious part of an actor’s appearance—the wig the character wears. A vital part of the costume department at BJU is the wig shop.


The BJU Classic Players will present Hamlet next Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m. in Rodeheaver Auditorium, with the last performance falling on the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Productions of Hamlet on the BJU stage extend back to 1932 when the Classic Players first performed the popular Shakespearean drama at the original Florida campus.

The Chorale choir share a tight bond both in and outside of choir. 2016, The Collegian

From orientation to graduation, choirs foster close friendships

Each of the many BJU choirs is unique in size, student classification and musical style, yet they all provide opportunities for students to cultivate relationships. Freshman Drew Williquette said he joined University Singers for the experience of singing in a different type of choir, as he previously had sung only in church choirs. Williquette said

Photo of Faraway play rehearsal at performance hall. Photo by Stephen Dysert for issue 29.17.

Theatre project Far Away brings war close to home

Far Away is the newest play to be performed at Performance Hall this semester. It is a futuristic, dystopian thriller, and the senior project of theatre arts major C.J. McElhiney. During their senior year, theatre arts students are required to do a project based on the track they choose to focus on. McElhiney loves to

Gioachino Rossini’s La Cenerentola

                                                                                 Bob Jones University will present Gioachino Rossini’s La Cenerentola in Rodeheaver Auditorium at 8 p.m.

Students from Bob Jones perform in the play Sense and Sensibility Photo by Kayla Pierce V 29.15

Austen’s Sense and Sensibility brings romance to Rodehaver

Bob Jones University students will be performing Jane Austen’s classic, Sense and Sensibility, adding a variety of theatrical literature to the University’s Shakespeare trend. “It is a great story about the bond of sisters and friendship,” director Anne Nolan said. “They learn about their strengths and they learn from each other as well.” The play

Set up is a design show for a winter 2016 interior design show hosted by seniors. Photo by Stephen Dysert. 29.13

Design shows: just the tip of the iceberg

As the 2016 spring semester begins at BJU, many students are anticipating graduation day. While awaiting that big day, seniors majoring in interior design, studio art, and graphic design are among the bachelor of fine arts candidates who are working on their senior shows. Behind the scenes, a lot of hard work and time is

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