On Saturday, Sept. 13, the Student Leadership Council sponsored an InstaMeet, short for Instagram meetup, to provide a chance for students to fellowship with one another while exploring the BJU campus.

Senior Cinema

Photostory: Cinema Senior Film Premiere

Senior cinema majors will cap off the year by presenting their capstone projects on May 3 in Stratton Hall. With nine students, this year’s senior class is larger than previous years. Six senior videos have been selected to premiere in a program lasting approximately an hour and a half.

Tips for students to make the most of summer break

It’s been said that time is like a bank deposit that you get every single day, that you can’t waste or save for another day. We cannot afford to waste a single one of the 86,400 seconds we are allotted each day. With summer break only a few weeks away, planning for how to use your time efficiently this summer is crucial. Here are some of the best suggestions from campus sources.

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