Senior Cinema

Photostory: Cinema Senior Film Premiere

Senior cinema majors will cap off the year by presenting their capstone projects on May 3 in Stratton Hall. With nine students, this year’s senior class is larger than previous years. Six senior videos have been selected to premiere in a program lasting approximately an hour and a half.

Tips for students to make the most of summer break

It’s been said that time is like a bank deposit that you get every single day, that you can’t waste or save for another day. We cannot afford to waste a single one of the 86,400 seconds we are allotted each day. With summer break only a few weeks away, planning for how to use your time efficiently this summer is crucial. Here are some of the best suggestions from campus sources.

Senior interior design major Alli Smith files through color swatches for a class project. Photo: Amanda Ross

Interior Design Majors

No one’s surprised when a science major walks into the science building. But why would interior design majors spend the majority of their college careers in the upper part of the science annex?

Take a break

Need something to do with the extra time you might have during Bible Conference week? Here are a few ideas of some great places and events Greenville has to offer. So find a friend and head to downtown Greenville or explore the greater Greenville area.

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