BJU students participate in 2015 spring Color Run. Photo submitted. 29.14

Oxford study abroad course planned for May 2016

BJU students have an opportunity to study abroad this May by joining the Division of Communication’s study abroad course to England and Scotland. The course, though not part of a mission team like the Division of Modern Languages’ annual Spain trip, will allow students to become immersed in the European culture while studying content relevant

Culinary students brainstorm ideas for the Fine Dining Series. Photo by Stephen Dysert. 29.14

Fine Dining gives patrons tastes from around the world

The sounds of knives and forks clinking merrily on fine white dishes and the tempting aroma of an expertly prepared entrée commonly associated with eating at an expensive restaurant might seem like an unlikely possibility for many students. But this semester, the culinary department is offering faculty, staff and students alike the opportunity to enjoy

Mr. Bopp, one of three teachers, teaches the new advertising and marketing class of second semester 2016. Photo by Holly Diller. 29.13

Interdisciplinary project enters national competition

With content and professors from multiple majors, interdisciplinary courses aim to enhance education while modeling and better preparing students for the workforce. “Learning to think across disciplines and to make connections between different fields of study is a hallmark of liberal arts education,” said Dr. Gary Weier, executive vice president for Academic Affairs. The interdisciplinary

Taking time off: students share their experiences

Though it might be considered the scholastic norm, not every student at BJU starts college right after graduating high school and graduates exactly four years later. Many students have to take time off for health, financial, familial or other reasons—just as BJU students Emi Bradley and Scott Michaud did. Emi Bradley Not far into Bradley’s

Welcome Center Behind the Scenes 5

Welcome Center informs, assists on campus

The Welcome Center: you may know it as the place to receive your new Bruin Nation 5K T-shirt or the place responsible for giving tours around campus, but the Welcome Center is more. Located on the first floor of the Student Center, the Welcome Center is not just a desk, but also an area dedicated

Holiday helps for the last minute shoppers

The holidays are gift-giving times, but finding a perfect gift is so much pressure—especially when you have to do it for your entire family. The following list offers ideas to get your mind thinking. The gifts suggested are all $30 or less and can be found and ordered online at any well-known and trusted shopping

Black Friday shopping results V29.10 Photo by Kayla Pierce

Black Friday shopping: madness or memories?

Black Friday—the unofficial holiday that comes right after the food-filled national holiday known as Thanksgiving—is either loved, hated, anticipated or dreaded by Americans across the country. Some enjoy the madness of waiting in line for hours and running into the store once the doors are finally unlocked. David Veatch, a sophomore theatre arts major from

Throwback Turkey Bowl soars to new heights

The students of BJU are about to be treated to a good ol’ fashioned Turkey Bowl. This Saturday at 8 p.m., Alpha will defend its title as last year’s reigning champions against the challenging team Beta in a throwback-style Turkey Bowl featuring live turkey races, Thanksgiving dinner eating contests and hot air balloon rides. At

Students attempt to mulit-task while studying for classes V 29.09 Photo by Kayla Pierce

Multitasking with technology affects concentration

Many students turn to technology in the classroom to send a quick text or email thinking they are multitasking. Other students welcome the distraction of technology in the classroom thinking it helps them stay focused without completely losing interest in the lecture. Multitasking is the word used to refer to this. But does such a

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