Merit pages provide students with a platform for showcasing their achievements. Photo: Tatiana Bento

Whistle while you work: tips for White Glove

Procrastination and White Glove, a day of cleaning to prepare the residence halls for the high school festival visitors, seem to go hand in hand. So whether this Saturday is your first or last White Glove, here are some tips for last-minute cleaning. Happy White Glove! 1. Clean in a specific pattern so that things

Bavarian Pretzel Factory specializes in warm, delicious pretzels.

Bavarian Pretzel Factory: pretzels and spätzle and schnitzel with noodles

Don’t let Bavarian Pretzel Factory’s name fool you. While warm, delicious pretzels are this restaurant’s specialty, it also services authentic European breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Owned and operated by Linda Gschnitzer, Bavarian Pretzel Factory is the only German restaurant in Greenville, a city with a constantly-growing German population. With the rise of BMW and

Home school produces well-rounded students at BJU

     If you’re a BJU student reading this article, then there’s a high chance that you were home-schooled. Currently, homeschool graduates make up 34 percent of the entire student body, including 33 percent of the freshman class.      But home-schooled or not, most students question their level of preparedness when they step onto a

Summer mission teams seek teachable spirits

With midterms week coming to a close, students might have a little more time to start thinking about plans for upcoming summer ministries. The University plans to send out eight mission teams during summer 2015 to Antigua, Africa, Australia, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Mexico and the Western U.S. “What better time to try something adventurous

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