Andrew Budgick Poses for a Portrait

Column: Pet Peeves

Looking around social media I’ve noticed a lot of links that connect to lists: 15 potato chips that look like U.S. presidents, 13 things you didn’t know you could do with bacon, etc. In light of this trend, I decided to try my hand at a list.

Heroes of faith challenge students to fight distractions, remain faithful until finish line

As every semester draws to a close, the tendency can be to slack off instead of buckle down. Because the excitement that summer is inching closer and closer can overwhelm even the best of students, end-of-school slacking is a common occurrence. The sun deck is open, campus is gorgeous and summer plans are close to being finalized. For students, it’s a wonder that we can focus at all.

Abi Dickinson Poses for a Portrait

Column: Repetition

Most people don’t realize that there is a difference between cross-country and track. It can be confusing: both are running sports, and both require dedication. But to the athlete participating in these two, they are very different. Cross-country is about endurance; track is about repetition.

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