Sports Column: March Madness

Shouting, butterflies in my stomach, holding my breath, checking my phone every five seconds for a score update —this is pretty much how my week has gone. Why, you ask? March Madness. So many emotions are wrapped up in those two simple words. Anticipation. Excitement. Sadness. Disappointment. The list of emotions experienced can go on

Editorial: Christians should use trials to grow faith

It seems that every day the media sends out reports on the persecution of Christians who are being held captive and soon after killed through horrific methods like burning or beheading.       For example, Meriam Ibrahim is a Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for marrying a Christian man and released only

Column: Asking questions

We’ve all been in this situation: you’re sitting in class and paying attention to what the teacher is saying, when all of a sudden a thought pops into your head and a question forms. You think about raising your hand, but then think of a million reasons not to: it’s not that important, it’s a

Editorial: University’s response to GRACE report sets example of courage, humility, hope

On March 10, BJU President Dr. Steve Pettit addressed the chapel audience concerning the University’s response to the recommendations of a nearly two-year-long investigation by Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE). Pettit’s response was one of humility, courage and hope, as he sincerely admitted and apologized for the problems of the past

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