Student Voice: What does your college dash look like?

2012-2016 Four years. And yet all of that is represented by one single symbol —one dash. That’s how long I’ve been learning, growing and laughing on this campus. I’ve taken 49 classes, worked four jobs, traveled on a mission trip and made countless memories. I’ve worked on The Collegian staff six semesters in three different


Some people are born with a dream job. They always had an answer to the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question. The rest of us answered with whatever happened to be piquing our interest at the time. Sometimes changing your dream job is a good thing. As a kid, I

Student Voice: Why is liberal arts worth the extra work?

The longer I’ve been here at BJU, the more I’ve realized that a liberal arts education is the best education for a believer to pursue because the liberal arts fully develops you as an individual, rather than just preparing you for your career. The Idea of a University,  written by Cardinal John Newman, compares an

Earthquakes remind us of God’s peace and providence

Last week, Ecuador and Japan were both hit by severe earthquakes. In Japan, a 6.5 magnitude struck on Thursday, April 14, killing 10 people. Two days later on Saturday, a 7.3 magnitude killed 32 people and triggered large landslides in the surrounding areas. Between the two quakes, over 1,500 people were injured. In Ecuador, a


For me, college has been an important time for building relationships, whether I was learning how to live with roommates, working under professors’ instruction or just hanging out with friends. While we spend our years away from home honing skills that will help us in the professional world, we have to remember that college is

Student Voice: Pros of the Chick-fil-A Cell Phone Coop

Let us, for a moment, consider the cell phone. It’s a wireless wonder that allows a homesick student in South Carolina to call his eagerly awaiting parents in California, or video chat with his recently graduated friend in Michigan, or text that cute girl from The Den. We can check email, let Facebook know how


Even if you’ve never been there personally, chances are you have a significant mental picture attached to the name “Niagara Falls.” You know, the waterfalls between New York and Canada where 3,160 gallons of water plummet over rocky cliffs every second? Yeah, it’s a pretty famous place. But as someone who grew up with Niagara

Student Voice: Is it virtual reality or fatal fantasy?

Sony announced the release date of its latest PlayStation Virtual Reality for October 2016, which is more reasonably priced at $399 compared to the HTC Vive at $799, and the Oculus Rift at $599. “Discover a new world of unexpected gaming experiences with PlayStation VR,” the PlayStation website said. “Redefine your expectations of immersion in

Expectations of quick solutions may hinder our spiritual growth

The Millennial Generation is spoiled. With the technology available today, it’s hard not to be. Smartphones, laptops, iPods, iPads and even some video game consoles all can connect directly to the Internet at the touch of a button. Information is available right there at our fingertips—immediately. Our generation has become used to the quick response

Student Voice: MLS continues to grow in America

Every semester I overhear opinions of sports in passing conversation. Currently, it is prime NCAA basketball time, while for the National Football League (NFL,) it’s a lull. Many students have a sport they are dedicated to. Mine is soccer. I fell in love with soccer at a young age. My favorite movies and books growing

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