“Resume virtues” and “eulogy virtues.” Those are the terms New York Times columnist David Brooks uses in his book The Road to Character to describe the two kinds of values people are seeking in life. On one hand, there are the resume virtues, which Brooks describes as “the skills you bring to the marketplace.” These

The importance of a good name

The Environmental Protection Agency revealed on Sept. 18 that Volkswagen cheated on government-mandated emissions tests, allowing the company to sell “eco-friendly” diesel cars that emit nitrogen oxide fumes 40 times over the legal limit. For over five years, Volkswagen programmed 11 million of their clean diesel cars with elaborate software designed to track steering wheel


You walk down the sidewalk and see hundreds of people every day. On a college campus, you probably know a lot of them—but how well do you really know them? Maybe you’re comfortable enough to ask, “Hey, how are you?” in passing. However, this is often where the conversation ends. If not, then you might


“College is like death.” That lovely analogy came from my dad while he was trying to give an inspiring speech to our youth group during one of my late high school years. (Yep. Thanks, Dad.) At the time, I laughed it off as just another one of his off-the-wall mental pictures designed to hold the

Political highlights of the week

Prepare for commercials. Prepare for stump speeches. Prepare for town halls, yard signs on every corner, and calls from volunteers in phone banks. It’s still 14 months before Election Day on Nov. 8. A number of us wish we could ignore it for just a little longer. However, it’s hard to escape news headlines, Facebook

Students need to be involved in politics

It has seemed impossible during the last few months to open Twitter and Facebook or to watch the news without one particular topic screaming for attention, whether you want to give it attention or not. If you aren’t sure already, that topic is politics. With the presidential election coming in just over a year, all

Chapel theme to teach biblical wisdom

This semester’s chapel and discipleship group theme “Wisdom from Above” is taken from the book of James, a book so practical it has been described by a well-known theologian as “Proverbs dressed up in New Testament clothes.”  Laymen have also long regarded James as one of the most applicable New Testament books, since it offers

Column: Don’t text and walk

An epidemic is slowly spreading throughout the world. Teens were the original targets, but now the disease attacks anyone who allows it. Dramatic commercials should be made to remind people how important this issue is. Texting while walking continues to destroy lives. I don’t know about you, but I find walking in the halls after

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