Remember the bigger picture: Show compassion to the world

Many people are superstitious about Friday the 13th, and sadly, this year the feelings of unease were grounded. In at least six coordinated attacks around Paris, terrorists took hostages at a concert, shot patrons at several restaurants and detonated suicide bombs at many locations around the city. At the latest count, the death toll had


“Bethany, I have to tell you something. The doctor called and my tests came back. I have cancer, but it’ll be okay.” Those weren’t the words I expected to hear when my little sister Becca knocked on the door of my res hall room last March, but I knew the results would be coming eventually.

Republican CNBC debate lessons: be ready always to give an answer

Last week’s Republican presidential debate on CNBC was the most watched program in the network’s 30-year history. But the high ratings weren’t the rusult of reasons any network would like to claim. The debate drew a lot of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for the moderators’ bias, interruption of the candidates, “gotcha” questions—questions designed


I transferred to Bob Jones University from another Christian college. A little background: I spent my freshman year here at BJU before I transferred to the other university. My time there was a good learning experience, but it wasn’t always a day at the beach. The differences and reactions of people were irritating at times,

Transitioning from hometown to Greenville

BJU students come from different places all over the USA and all over the world. Although Greenville culture is ordinary for those who call it home, students coming from small rural towns, colossal cities and other regions of the U.S. or other countries may find peculiarities about living in this city. While 88 percent of

Don’t shout back at #ShoutYourAbortion on social media

#ShoutYourAbortion took Twitter by storm a couple weeks ago and has generated a huge response since, both in support and in opposition. The hashtag was meant to remove the negative stigma against women who’d had an abortion. The originators of the hashtag, activists Amelia Bonow and Kimberly Mor- rison, wanted to free women from living

Never stop learning: What can generations teach each other?

The generation gap is an ever-present issue in today’s world. Thanks to better medi- cal care and extended life ex- pectancies, people are retiring later. That means for the very first time, vastly different generations all have to work together within the same com- panies and organizations. With this week’s Home- coming celebrations and class


With all of the talk about class reunions this weekend, I got a little sentimental. I was homeschooled through high school, so I grad- uated in a class of one. However, my dad was determined that I have the whole graduation experience, so I had a ceremony complete with processional, cap, gown and speech. Just


“There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination and wonder.” —Ronald Reagan. Habits are necessary. They help us cope with the thousands of decisions we would otherwise have to make consciously every day. Every once in a while, however, we should bring those habits out of our

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