Thanksgiving traditions vary for students

With the month of November well on its way, many students are gearing up for the highlight of the month: Thanksgiving. For many students, Thanksgiving means going home and enjoying a week of family, friends and food. Some Bob Jones University students spend their breaks enjoying the quiet of campus because their homes are distant


Almost everyone chooses when to wake up, what and when to eat, what to wear and whom to associate with. Variations occur when boundaries and stipulations are in place, but ultimately everyone chooses who to be and what to look like to the world. “The choice is yours,” “make your own choice” and “follow your

Photos of Chicken Salad Chick Restaurant that is new to Greenville area. Photo by Stephen Dyset. 29.08

Chicken Salad Chick menu offers variety from typical college fare

College students grow tired of typical burgers, fries and pepperoni pizza. Maybe it’s time for something different and fresh—chicken salad. Chicken Salad Chick, with its chic décor and vibrant colors, fits snuggly in the center of a strip mall on Augusta Road, just 12 minutes from campus, as well as at a new location on

White Glove returns to campus

Akin to spring cleaning, White Glove, BJU’s annual cleaning of the residence halls, is scheduled for this Saturday. Over the years, students have developed many ways to make the day enjoyable. Student creativity shines during White Glove. Pajama day, Disney music marathons, homemade contraptions and secret stashes students manage to create or find until after

Study abroad program offers glimpse into Spanish culture

For the past 10 years, the University has offered interested students the opportunity to travel to Spain during the summer for a month of   immersive experience in the Spanish language and culture. It began with a burden among the faculty of the Division of Modern Language and Literature to give their students a more

Scholastic Bowl to exhibit students’ knowledge

This fall marks the 30th anniversary of the Scholastic Bowl, a competition that pits the wits and knowledge of societies against one another. In 1985 Dr. Bob Jones III and Dr. John Matzko, the chair of the Division of Social Science, started the competition so the final round would  highlight students’ knowledge in a competitive


Burnt out. Those two words probably describe the way most of us are feeling or are about to feel at this point in the semester. By now, we have adjusted to our new class and work schedules, caught up with our friends and gotten used to the familiar feeling of stress and chaos. If you


“Resume virtues” and “eulogy virtues.” Those are the terms New York Times columnist David Brooks uses in his book The Road to Character to describe the two kinds of values people are seeking in life. On one hand, there are the resume virtues, which Brooks describes as “the skills you bring to the marketplace.” These

The Hub opens to hold finanical aid, records office, and more for easy access for students. 29.04 Photo by Holly Diller

The Hub to combine student services in one location

After a long summer under construction, the former Riley Room has been transformed into the new Student Services Hub, the centralized location for the student services previously offered in the Administration Building. Now instead of having to search for assistance among multiple offices, students can get help in one location from 8 a.m. to 5

Where is God in tragedy?

On Thursday, Oct. 1, a gunman entered Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and killed 9 people in classrooms while injuring seven others. According to witnesses, the gunman  made students stand up if they identified as a Christian. One of the injured students recalled that the gunman said “Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going

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