Column: The weather

All of you “Greenvillians” or probably any South Carolinian knows that the weather here is about as constant as a junior high dating relationship (and those of you from elsewhere are quickly learning this fact).

Study Sense: How to get the most out of studying for finals

Exams: the last thing standing between students and Christmas break. The time has come for late-night studying, 5 a.m. mornings and plenty of highlighted study guides. Everyone prepares for exams in a different way, but what really affects our performance? First, there’s sleep. Many of us love to stay up late and wake up early

Tips for the trip: staying safe on the road home

When the last exam is completed and Christmas break is finally here, we may find ourselves tempted to rush back to our dorm, cram all our stuff into our car and get home as quickly as possible, plowing through anyone who gets in our way. Although we all want to get home, arriving there safely

Campus Christmas Traditions

Students often associate Christmas parties and traditions with home. But the Christmas holiday can come early for those who take a little break from the end-of-semester grind to spend time with friends and colleagues. If you’re at a loss for fun ideas, consider some of the following campus traditions as sources of inspiration. Gift Exchanges:

Photostory: Christmas gift guide

Sarah Marko, a sophomore studio art major, enjoys making journals using premium leather scraps from Hobby Lobby ($4.99) and linen text weight paper from Bellis Copy Center ($0.04 per sheet). According to Marko, the approach to crafting your journal will vary considerably depending on the amount of pages, size of the cover and the method of binding, but there are countless online tutorials to guide you in the right direction. The process can be simple or involved depending on the kind of journal you wish to make. Just one layer of premium leather will work for a cover, and you can secure the pages to the cover using wax thread.

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