Striking a chord: Student discusses traveling to play marimba

If you see John Gaal, a senior orchestral instrument performance major, the first thing you might notice is his hands. He has four pronounced calluses: one each on the palms and knuckles of both hands that have developed from his marimba mallets rubbing against his skin during countless hours of practice and performance. Students witnessed


Joseph Overton proposed a theory for policy change that bears his name: The Overton Window. The term may be unfamiliar, but in the recent political climate, the theory has seen a resurgence in popularity. Essentially, what the Overton Window proposes is that, at any given time, there is a limited spectrum of opinion that is

Portrait of Alpha Bball team. winning society BBall team.

Alpha tramples Royals, 88–74

The Alpha Theta Pi Razorbacks triumphed over the Pi Gamma Delta Royals as they  battled for the men’s society basketball championship. Pi Gamma stayed close behind Alpha for most of the game, but Alpha pulled ahead for good in the second half, eventually winning 88–74. Pi Gamma set the pace early on, going up 22–18

Spring Break 2016

The students and faculty of BJU are looking forward to the University’s first ever spring break. Beginning after class Tuesday, March 22, and ending the night of March 28, spring break will give students an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. President Steve Pettit  said he is looking forward to spending spring break

The deadly contagion takes another in a long line of victims.

Senioritis: medical myth or legitimate lethargy?

Senioritis—every year you hear this word being used, especially in the spring semester. Some say they’ve already experienced this feeling in high school, but in college it hits you on a whole new level. “I thought I had it sophomore year, but it hit full-force this year,” Courtney Sturgis, a senior exercise science major, said.

Women’s club volleyball preps for intercollegiate team

The Bruins volleyball program is continuing to build itself from the ground up. Coach Vickie Denny has started a volleyball club team. This team is the next step in developing the Bruins intercollegiate volleyball team. After tryouts in February, 14 players were picked for the club team ranging from freshmen to seniors. These players will

The Mens Bruins basketball teams play hard against their opponents Photo by Kayla Pierce V 29.17

Rams edge Bruins, 85-80, during TogetherVsCancer night

The Bob Jones University Bruins men’s basketball team fell to the Columbia International University Rams Tuesday night at the Davis Field House. The Bruins’ 85-80 loss dropped their record to 14–14. The Bruins came out hard in the first half, but were met by the Rams’ aggressive offense and even more aggressive defense. The Rams


“This is a learning experience and a teaching moment for you, Lauren.” I had gone into Dr. Roger Bradley’s office that morning seeking help in economics class, but I left with a much more valuable life lesson. Like many students, I was average when it came to test scores in high school. My sister, on

Student Voice: Body Image vs. God’s Image

When you hear the word “Barbie,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most of us, you probably imagine a tall, skinny-as-a-rail, flawlessly-skinned, blonde girl wearing heels. When Mattel created Barbie in 1959, they created the perfect girl—or at least they thought so. Over the years, Barbie has evolved to include a variety of hair

The Lady Bruins basketball team take on Allen University. Photo by Holly Diller. 29.14

Lady Bruins defeat Allen University Jackets, 83-78

The Bob Jones University Lady Bruins defeated the Allen University Jackets 83-78 on Friday night thanks to strong offensive performances from guards Kendra Jeffcott and Hannah Tompkins. Both offenses came out stagnate to begin the game, but BJU’s Jeffcott finally found the net after several strong drives to the hoop. At the 4:34 media break,

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