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Column 10/20/17

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Cold. Tired. Wet. These were the first few words that came to mind as I awoke surrounded by the morning dew. While daybreak pushed through the darkness of the  previous night, the blades of grass I had once embraced now seemed less inviting after five sleepless hours. Nearly 200 students slept, scattered around the lower

Column 10/13/17

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I started my car, ready to head home after a long day of schoolwork.  Except, the Toyota Prius hybrid didn’t start.  The lights on the dash came on for a few seconds, and then flickered off. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of accidentally leaving your headlights on and then finding your car needing a jump. 

Column 10/6/17

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I have a confession to make: I lied to two RAs in the past week. Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, considering that I, like the rest of humanity, have a fallen nature that wants to sin. While I didn’t think it was necessary to confess my fib to them on the spot,

Column 9/29/17

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Over the summer, I asked my pastor from my home church for ways I could help in the children’s ministry at church. He asked me to oversee the children’s time on Wednesday nights. I was surprised, honored and excited to get started. I knew I enjoyed working with kids, but I didn’t realize that God

Column – 4/28/17

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“Death is a great price to pay for a red rose,” the nightingale said. “Yet love is better than life, and what is the heart of a bird compared to the heart of a man?” I first read Oscar Wilde’s “The Nightingale and the Rose” as a senior in high school. The story immediately captivated

Column – 4/14/17

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When I was 12, I learned that I had a deformity. My mandible, or lower jaw, was growing faster than my maxilla, upper jaw. As I reached high school, there was something noticeably wrong with my bite. This quickly became a huge insecurity for me. While the underbite was only subtly noticeable when I had

Column – 4/7/17

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“Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there.” That’s a deep Spurgeon thought, isn’t it? Especially for someone who’s always living for the next best thing—for someone like me. I’m a busy college student surrounded by 2,500 other busy

Column – 3/31/17

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I never thought of myself as a leader. You probably don’t most of the time either. During high school, I certainly didn’t feel it either (and sometimes even still don’t). It was the end of a short summer after my freshman year of high school and the beginning of a long journey of pain, hardship

Column – 3/17/17

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Imagine living your life in pain. Every. Single. Day. Your muscles feel as if you had an intense workout the day before. Your neck, back, shoulders and hips ache. You get up in the morning from a sleepless night and have zero energy. Everyday tasks—getting dressed, making breakfast, washing dishes, feeding the dog—can be incredibly

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