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As human beings, we like to pride ourselves on being innovative. We like to pride ourselves on how far we have come as a society and how many primitive ideas we’ve left behind. No human element is more receptive of praise for its modernization than science. Through science, we have discovered how to prevent illness


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My name is Elisa Crawley, and I am a foreigner. An immigrant. My family left the coastal beauty of Belfast, Northern Ireland, for the hip metropolis of Boston, Massachusetts, when I was only 3 years old. I always wish my accent hadn’t slipped away so quickly. My heritage provided a moment of bonding when I


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Tongue-pierced, blue-haired and broken-hearted, one by one they shuffled into my classroom. My nerves had me running on two hours of sleep. This was my first time teaching in my local public school. After years of  being fed stories about the degradation of today’s youth, I thought I was about to meet a pack of


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In this fast-paced college life, there’s little time to waste. We go about campus, dashing from one class or appointment to the next. This we do from the all-too-eager rise of the sun till its setting. Is this a problem? No. After all, our hard work is ordained by God to grow us, give us

Column: Memories

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Just as athletes retire or their careers end, I’ll never write another column for The Collegian. Ever. As my college career comes to a close, I look back and remember some of my favorite athletic experiences: organized sports with my twin brother, Chris.

Column: Here’s to the mundane

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What are the moments that comprise our deepest formulation of senior sappiness? What makes up that sentimentality that oozes out of even the best of us at this time in our lives?

Column: The weather

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All of you “Greenvillians” or probably any South Carolinian knows that the weather here is about as constant as a junior high dating relationship (and those of you from elsewhere are quickly learning this fact).

Column: What do we love?

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When I was growing up, my greatest fear was not under my bed, in my closet or at the front door — it was outside. Several large dogs had come to have free rein where I lived, and they terrorized all the neighborhood children. I had always been a dog lover, but a one-dog lover.

Column: Getting to the top of the mountain

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God will guide me up, and when I reach the top and look back, I won’t regret learning to trust Him. I will be better prepared for the next mountain.

Column: Role models

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As Christians, we can see the danger of putting athletes on pedestals because we understand man’s sinful condition. Instead of making athletes into role models based on the success of their careers or their popularity, we should appreciate athletes who lead upstanding lives — especially Christian athletes with an unashamed testimony for Christ.

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