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Column: Disney

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I adore the wonderful world of Disney: the classic movies, the Minnie Mouse ears sparkling with sequins, the enchanting princesses and a sprinkle of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust. I follow Disney on Facebook and Twitter and read blogs about the new addition to Disney World scheduled to open this year. I can’t walk past The

Column: Talk to the hand

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When I was in sixth grade, there was a popular catchphrase that nearly all the girls in my class used. Whenever someone (usually a boy) asked them a stupid question, the girls would pull out their oh-so-cool signature response: “Talk to the hand.” Looking back, this phrase sounds ridiculous and fairly idiotic. But oddly, “talk


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On July 27, an estimated 1 billion people worldwide turned on their televisions and computers to watch perhaps the most memorable event of the summer—the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. Over the next 16 days, an even larger number of viewers would follow the stories of the more than 10,000 athletes who participated in the games.

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