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Week at a glance

Art Show by Former Faculty Member John Roberts Monday, Sargent Art Building Beginning Monday, Mr. John Roberts, a former member of the BJU art faculty, will be presenting a retrospective art exhibition featuring his work. During his many years on faculty, Mr. Roberts taught everything from woodworking to pottery to landscape painting to calligraphy. His

Questions raised over future of intramural sports

Last Friday night, a new kid moved into the neighborhood. His name is Intercollegiate Athletics. He even brought his own ball to play with, and all the local kids are excited to have him in town. The Bruins have taken over the playground on the athletics side of campus life. Which leaves a pretty big


On July 27, an estimated 1 billion people worldwide turned on their televisions and computers to watch perhaps the most memorable event of the summer—the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. Over the next 16 days, an even larger number of viewers would follow the stories of the more than 10,000 athletes who participated in the games.


History in the making

Friday, Aug. 31, 2012 will forever be remembered by thousands of BJU Bruins fans as a day for the record books. Despite the muggy weather, the pulsing energy of enthusiastic fans and perfectly choreographed events led to a sensational night that will not soon be forgotten. No matter the outcome of the games, in the end, athletes and fans alike came together as one, proud to call themselves Bruins.

Workers serve students at the panini station, one of the many new additions to the DC.  Photo: Stephanie Greenwood

Extreme makeover

Returning students have likely noticed some very welcome changes around the BJU campus, most involving food services and the athletic programs. Here are some of the changes that have been made over the summer to keep the campus looking its best. Dining Common The long-anticipated first phase of the dining common’s remodeling has been completed.

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