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David Baral, Jared Poe and Tommy Lamper rehearse for student body. Photo:  Stephanie Greenwood

Student body to parody woes of holiday travel

The FMA will be transformed Wednesday into the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport as the Student Leadership Council presents this year’s Christmas student body program. Without giving away too much of the story, student body women’s president Maddie Williams said the plot tells of two students’ problem of a continuously delayed flight. She said they chose this idea

Column: Student athletes

There are more than 500,000 student athletes in the United States, and chances are, you passionately cheer for a handful of them every week. Whether it’s our very own Bruins or the public college down the road, you loyally support your favorite team and desire to see them succeed.

Study Sense: How to get the most out of studying for finals

Exams: the last thing standing between students and Christmas break. The time has come for late-night studying, 5 a.m. mornings and plenty of highlighted study guides. Everyone prepares for exams in a different way, but what really affects our performance? First, there’s sleep. Many of us love to stay up late and wake up early

Excessive union demands to blame for Hostess

When Hostess Brands declared bankruptcy on Nov. 16, shoppers snatched up the business’s remaining baked goods from store shelves for fear that they would never be seen again. Hostess has been in operation for 82 years, baking some of the most iconic products to appear inside lunch boxes and kitchen pantries, including Sno Balls, Ding

Column: Anxious for nothing

Not that anyone needs reminding, but the semester ends in six days, six glorious days. Of course, most of us still have projects, papers and exams that must be completed first. But nobody wants to talk about schoolwork right now. Just listen to the conversations around campus, and you’ll quickly discover what everyone does want

Photostory: Year in review

The Bob Jones University Bruins began their inaugural year this fall competing in men’s and women’s soccer and basketball. The men’s soccer team had a successful season fi nishing at 10-4-1, and the women’s team fi nished at 7-10-0. Four Bruins athletes made it into the NCCAA top 25 rankings.

Tips for the trip: staying safe on the road home

When the last exam is completed and Christmas break is finally here, we may find ourselves tempted to rush back to our dorm, cram all our stuff into our car and get home as quickly as possible, plowing through anyone who gets in our way. Although we all want to get home, arriving there safely


Week at a glance

First Fridays Art Event Tonight, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Today marks this year’s last First Fridays art event in downtown Greenville. From 6 until 9 p.m., Greenville artists display their work on the first Friday of every month. First Fridays promotes budding artists and expands the appreciation of visual arts in the area. Participating

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