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Column: Tough love

When I hear the words “tough love,” I think of my mother forcing me into a shower three days after my back surgery, coaxing me to eat and helping me walk my quota of laps around the hospital floor. I was 15 at the time, and I whined that I’d never again be able to

Clearwater keeper Garrett Hollenbach had a long night as the Bruins offense proved too much for the Cougars. Photo: Emma Klak

Bruins pounce on CCC in dominating 5-0 win

The Bruins men continued their shutout streak Friday night, defeating the Clearwater Cougars 5-0. Once again, Joel Cave and David Overly led the way on defense, beating the Cougar offense to loose balls and shutting down any goal attempts. The Bruins defense kept the Cougars to just 10 scoring attempts, while the Bruins offense created

Money-saving tips for catching the best flight

Most of the student body either live in the Greenville area or drive home for the holidays. For those of us who don’t get to drive home, flying is something we’ve become really good at. We fly to school, home for Thanksgiving, back to school, home for Christmas, back to school, home for the summer

Study guides for standardized tests such as the GRE provide tips for students preparing for grad school. Photo: Emma Klak

Early preparation key for graduate school admittance

Most students, especially battle-worn upperclassmen, probably don’t want to think about spending another one or two—maybe even three or four—years in a classroom after graduation. But if you have the motivation to improve and expand your career and ministry opportunities by attending graduate school, you can do yourself a favor by starting to plan as

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