Column: Encouragement

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Column: Encouragement

FULL-columnBad days happen all the time. Sometimes every single day of the week is bad, and the weekend can’t get here fast enough.

But do you remember the time when just one conversation or friendly smile completely changed your outlook on the day? When one person’s smile said, “Hey, I know your day is as awful as mine, but remember God loves you, and everything He does is for a reason,” and it made your day so much better?

That’s been happening to me a lot recently at the dining common, of all places. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I go to lunch at 2 p.m. My favorite place to eat is the sandwich bar.

During this hour, the grills are usually being run by two freshman girls. I consider these two girls my afternoon talk show hosts, as talking is one of their strengths. But they’re also incredibly friendly and kind. Even though they’re working in the middle of the afternoon at the dining common, they make an effort to talk to strangers, make friends and just be nice.

I appreciate that they have no qualms in telling you about their day or asking you about yours. They are two of the most outgoing freshmen I have ever met. It’s amazing to watch.

I’ve been at BJU for more than two years, but I still struggle to smile at the people walking toward me or strike up a conversation with the person I sit next to in chapel. I’m usually too distracted with what’s going on in my life.

I seem to have forgotten that my days and my life aren’t mine at all. Life isn’t about me.

These girls seem to understand what I’ve forgotten: I need to show Christ’s love by being an encouragement to every single person I come across.

This year in my prayer group, we’re doing “secret sister.” It’s a lot like “secret Santa” that people do during Christmas, except instead of leaving gifts on desks or in rooms, we leave letters in envelopes on the wall between our dorm rooms.

The idea is to encourage one another by putting notes or candy in the envelope. It seems really elementary and kind of silly, but it’s already been an encouragement to everyone.

One of the girls in my prayer group shared with me the other day that her “secret sister” has taken her job seriously. The sister has taken time to give candy and write out encouraging verses every day.

Those little things have been such an encouragement to this girl. The sister is showing Christ’s love just by putting something in an envelope on the wall.

Being nice to other people is showing God’s love. As you go through your day, remember that everyone you come in contact with could probably use some encouragement.

Be kind. Reach out. Be the person that makes everybody’s day. Let Christ’s love shine through you.