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October 26, 2012
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October 26, 2012

New Greenville restaurant offers locally grown, low-cost menu options

At Tablefields, customers can eat in a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying the “farm-to-table” style of food the restaurant has become known for. Photo: Amy Roukes

Tablefields, a new restaurant that just opened in August, is known for its organic emphasis on American comfort food.

The name Tablefields reflects the restaurant’s emphasis on a farm-to-table concept. The cooks at the restaurant make all of the dishes from scratch using fresh foods. Most of the ingredients are organic and hormone-free. Everything is purchased as locally as possible, mainly from Limestone Farms in Greer. Tablefields’ head chef wakes up at 4 a.m. daily to collect 800 to 900 fresh eggs before coming to work, and the restaurant serves only certified Angus meat.

Organic sodas and fresh lemonade are available, as well.

Emily Steele, a senior family and consumer sciences major, counts herself as a fan of Tablefields for another reason. “I have a lot of food sensitivities, so the fact that they have a huge emphasis on fresh foods means they won’t use a lot of ingredients that make me sick,” Steele said.

Mr. Russ Carnes, general manager of Tablefields, describes his favorite menu item as the “BLEAT,” a twist on the traditional BLT sandwich with bacon, lettuce, fried eggs, avocado and tomato.

The hanging lights adorning the ceiling and the mixture of brick and wood walls make Tablefields feel professional, yet comfortable. Consistent with the local emphasis, even the art on the walls was created by regional artists. There is also seating available outside, including one table built around a fire.

Everything on the menu costs less than $10. According to Carnes, the menu prices stay reasonable because they don’t pay servers or bus boys; instead, they prefer spending the money for good quality ingredients over continual service.

“To us, it’s all about the food,” Carnes said.

Customers order their meals at the register and receive a buzzer that alerts them when their meal is ready. Once the buzzer goes off, they simply go to the pickup counter and trade in the buzzer for their food. This also means there’s no need to leave a tip, which is another small way customers save money.

All in all, Tablefields provides relatively affordable, healthy food for its customers, as well as all the benefits of a farm without having to wake up at 5 a.m. to feed the chickens.