Secular work, sacred calling: Vespers to highlight the reality of doing all in life to the glory of God

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February 8, 2013
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Secular work, sacred calling: Vespers to highlight the reality of doing all in life to the glory of God

The University family will view “Unto Him,” a Vespers program directed by Rich Streeter, on Feb. 15. Photo: Submitted

The video Vespers on Friday, Feb. 15, at 11 a.m. will focus on how a person can use whatever job he has as a service to the Lord. Rich Streeter, director of this Vespers titled “Unto Him,” wants to show that our spiritual lives should not be separate from our work.

“The purpose is to get students to think about their own future in a positive way that makes them want to serve,” Streeter said.

Streeter first got the idea for this Vespers when thinking about one of Dr. Bob Sr.’s quotes: “There is no difference between the sacred and the secular.” Streeter then went out into the community and found people in the area who view their work as an offering unto the Lord.

The video will feature three people from the local area and give a glimpse into their everyday work and routines. They will share how they do their work unto Christ in the same way that those who are pastors or missionaries do.

One of the people featured is David Miller, a culinary arts teacher at BJU. Miller also has a home business—a bakery. The video will show his daily routine of rising early to prepare and knead dough. “This Vespers could make you hungry,” Streeter said.

The other two workers featured are Doug Young, an artist and sculptor from Taylors, and Rachel Santopietro, a textbook author at the BJU Press. The Vespers program will emphasize the daily things they do. But whatever they do, they do it unto the Lord.

“The work of your hand should be a living testimony and sacrifice to the Lord,” Streeter said. God calls us all to different vocations, and this Vespers will give a glimpse of how a Christian’s spiritual life does not have to be separate from his or her job. Whatever the job may be, it can be used to glorify God.

This is Streeter’s first time to direct a Vespers program. He has worked on the video since July of 2012 with the help of staff member Jason Waggoner, who is the assistant director and editor of the Vespers program.

Streeter said this is a Vespers that looks toward the future. The goal of the message is to show students going into their careers and those who already have jobs that the work they do should be done for the Lord. Christians do not have to separate what they learn on Sunday from the work they carry out on Monday.