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April 4, 2014
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April 4, 2014

Class of 2014 invited to enjoy fun, fellowship at Zero Year Reunion

College is about more than just the test you have next Monday, the speech you have next Friday, or the volleyball game you have this weekend; it’s about using those experiences to reach future goals. Whether starting a college career as a freshman, gaining some perspective as a sophomore, working through yet another year as a junior or realizing that the end of senior year is little more than a month away, we’re all looking toward future careers and ambitions. With the Zero Year Reunion on April 4, sponsored by the Alumni Association, graduating seniors can celebrate the culmination of their college careers.

The reunion will take place in the evening on the same day as the Class of 2014’s last class meeting, which will be held during the society hour that morning. This evening event will be a casual, low-key recreation opportunity for seniors graduating in May or December. Refreshments will be provided, and the movie Monsters Inc. will be shown after a time of games and free recreation. “There isn’t a program per se,” said Jonathan Pait, director of the Alumni Association. “The primary goal is for students to just be able to hang out.” The reunion will be held on back campus by Omega Lake at 7:30 p.m.; in case of inclement weather, the event will be relocated to Stratton Hall.

The reunion is part of an effort by the Alumni Association to increase awareness of the association among all students, not just seniors. Beginning with the Rush-Free Zone for freshmen, the Alumni Association also sponsors the Halfway There Party for sophomores and Junior Daze for juniors. “I appreciate being able to get involved with the Alumni Association, since I want to keep up with BJU after I graduate,” said Alicia Newcomer, senior class representative. “Since they focus on the individual classes, it gives us more class pride.”

Many students may have the misconception that the Alumni Association exists only to coordinate contributions from alumni. But the overall mission of the association, Pait said, is much broader and more far-reaching than simply serving as a revenue source for BJU. “Our mission is to bring together friends and graduates for the purpose of supporting each other,” Pait said. The community of alumni supports one another as well as BJU through the avenues of prayer, giving, networking and promotion.

The Alumni Association also serves as a valuable resource for building networks and researching job opportunities. “Relationships and giving alumni the opportunity to fellowship is what we’re all about,” Pait said. Students can contact the Alumni Association to find alumni when moving to a new job or city, or even to find the job itself. The Alumni Association’s Career Central, a job networking site found on, is a valuable resource for connecting with potential employers, improving resumes or perfecting interview techniques, said senior class representative Corey Colosky.