Column: Connecting with Real Life
September 19, 2014
Remodeled Den opens space for fellowship, food
September 19, 2014

Discipleship begins with walking in the Spirit

The past year has brought a lot of change to Bob Jones University. We’ve said goodbye to one president and welcomed another; we’ve seen the Campus Store transform into the Bruins Shop and The Den; and we’ve even added soft serve ice cream to the dining common.

Along with these changes comes more opportunities than ever for the student body to reach out, get involved and do something for Christ. So many of the recent changes, from the renovated Den to the restructuring of residence hall leadership, are focused on creating an atmosphere of discipleship. And discipleship is not something that’s just for society officers, group leaders and residence hall staff. It’s for all of us.

You can take five extra minutes after lunch to pray with a friend about a tough situation she’s facing. You can make the extra effort to actually get to know your chapel buddy, rather than gluing your eyes to your phone the moment you reach your seat. You can reach out to the guy who’s sitting alone in the corner of the dining common at dinner time.

Discipleship begins with you. And true discipleship can only flow out of a heart and life that are given wholly to Jesus and devoted to walking in the Spirit. If you are daily in God’s Word and listening attentively to what He has to say to you, not only will you become better equipped to disciple others, but you will also be ready to be discipled by your fellow believers.

This semester, take advantage of the new tools the University has provided to help you become a better disciple and disciple maker. Delve into the Walking in the Spirit eStudy, include Dr. Pettit’s Walking in the Spirit workbook in your daily devotions, and actively participate in chapel, society and discipleship group.

Whether it’s your first or your last, make this a semester that counts. Get involved in others’ lives, get passionate about your walk with God and become an effective disciple maker by walking daily in the Spirit.