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March 27, 2015
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March 27, 2015

Follow these preregistration tips for a successful fall semester

Preregistration for Fall 2015 opens March 30, and with it comes a variety of student responses: stress, emails to advisers, or procrastination. But don’t sweat it because here are four tips from Dr. Dan Smith, BJU registrar, to help you successfully pre-register for next semester.

1. Every classification should look at pre-registration differently.

Incoming freshmen are encouraged to attend summer orientation and pre-register then so they don’t have to worry about arranging their schedules when they arrive on campus in the fall.

Sophomores and juniors should review their check sheets and stay in contact with their advisers.

“Upcoming seniors should look ahead over the next two semesters and make sure that they’re able to get all their requirements done in a timely fashion,” Smith said. “The majority will be May graduates, so they want to make sure they don’t have scheduling conflicts.”

If a senior is short a couple of credits, Smith suggests taking summer classes in order to participate in commencement in May, and officially graduate in August.

2. Keep extracurricular activities in mind. “Do you have an internship? Are you going to be involved with extracurricular activities?” Smith suggests asking yourself. “Keep in mind and prepare.”

3. Talk to your adviser. “When you’re in your junior or senior year, you have subject-area electives to choose from. [Advisers] will help you choose which courses will complement your career and academic goal,” Smith said.

4. Take more credits as a freshman and sophomore. “Generally, as a freshman and sophomore, your classes are easier,” senior communication major Isaac Tluchak said. “That way, you have more time to work on the harder upper-classmen classes.”  John Simpson, a senior business administration major, agrees. “Don’t put hard classes off,” he said. “Get them out of the way so you can enjoy your last few semesters.”