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April 24, 2015
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April 24, 2015

Razorbacks fall to Cobras in two sets

Nathan Zakariasen of the Cobras hammers a volley over the net. Photo: Tatiana Bento

The defending men’s intramural volleyball champion Pi Kappa Sigma Cobras defeated the Alpha Theta Pi Razorbacks in two sets Monday night for their sixth straight win.

The Cobras took some time to head up, starting off the first set tied at 5-5. The Cobras then scored four straight points to go up 9-5 before committing a net violation, which gave Alpha a much-needed break. After giving up another point, the Cobras scored three in row to take a 12-7 advantage.

Each team then traded a few points from missed scoring opportunities, including missed serves and spiking out of bounds. The Razorbacks found themselves within striking distance at 14-11, but that was the closest they got to the dominating Cobras.

Cobras senior Andrew Paquette then served 10 consecutive times as the Cobras blew the game wide open, taking a 24-11 lead before missing a spike. Alpha’s biggest problem did not seem to be the Cobras’ defense, but rather the net. The Razorbacks had a few net violations, spiked several times directly into the net and struggled to contain the Cobras’ offense as well. Cobra freshman Ben Gorsline finished out the set with a spike that handed the Cobras the 25-12 victory.

The second and final set started much like the first, as the teams began in another 5-5 tie. The Cobras then captured seven straight points to take a 12-5 lead. The Cobras had spikes from Paquette, as well as graduate John Dalrymple, and seniors Nathan Zakariasen and Paul Cadavos. The Cobras veteran squad showed experience and composure, never being rattled by long volleys or strong Alpha spikes. Cobra junior Blake Counts consistently set up his teammates for good looks which often resulted in unreturned kills.

Alpha brought the game within nine points at 18-9 but that was as close as they would get, as the Cobras ran away with the rest of the game. Like the first set, it was once again Gorsline who ended the set, this time on a serve that fell right down the middle of Alpha’s backcourt, giving the Cobras a 25-13 win.

The Cobras face little opposition in the lopsided American League, which had just one other team to start 6-0, the Kappa Sigma Knights, who had yet to face the Cobras.

The Cobras are eyeing yet another volleyball championship run and could very likely face the Beta Patriots once again in the championship final.