Colts defeat Classics to win championship

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November 6, 2015

Colts defeat Classics to win championship

The Theta Sigma Chi Colts became the women’s intramural volleyball champions as they defeated the Pi Delta Chi Classics Saturday night in five sets.

The first set was very close as both teams battled for dominance.

Early on, Leanne Cleveland had several strong serves that could not be returned by the Colts, but the Classics gained ground from some miscommunication by the Colts. The Classics took the first set 25-13, propelled by Cleveland’s strong spikes and excellent team play.

The Colts finally settled down in the second set. Despite powerful spikes from the Classics’ Amber Smith, the Colts worked together well as a team by communicating efficiently and rotating with ease. The Colts’ Amanda Leatherwood floated a soft volley into the middle for the final point of the set, winning the set 25-18 and tying the match at 1-1.

“We went up for the ball well and didn’t give up,” Amanda Leatherwood said.

In the third set, the Classics jumped out to an early lead, backed by strong hitting. The Colts quickly regained the momentum, however, as Elizabeth Humburg had several strong spikes.

The two teams battled back and forth, but the Classics finally took advantage of several miscues by the Colts, winning the third set 25-19.

The Classics came out strong early in the fourth set, but the Colts quickly took control. Amber Smith and Elizabeth Humburg each had several great saves, as the Colts won the fourth set 25-21, tying the match at 2-2.

In the intense fifth and final set, the Classics jumped out to an early lead on several outstanding serves by Leanne Cleveland, but the Colts would not be deterred. A strong spike by the Colts’ Smith changed the momentum of the set.

The Colts began to chip away at the Classics’ lead, slowly turning the set to their favor. In the final moments, the Colts’ Humburg served two aces that finished off the Classics 15-13, giving the Theta Sigma Chi Colts the BJU intramural volleyball championship.

“Everyone really owned up to their position and played the best that they could,” Elizabeth Humburg said. “We really wanted to focus on our defense and just being smart with the ball.”