Public Policy Organization educates students during election season

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February 5, 2016
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February 5, 2016

Public Policy Organization educates students during election season

The Public Policy Organization, a student-led organization established in November 2015, provides students a forum for political discussion and awareness on campus.

Mrs. Linda Abrams, the faculty adviser for the PPO, said the purpose of the organization is to be a “clearing house for political activity on campus,” existing to raise students’ awareness and interest in politics and to train and equip students to think critically and biblically.

The PPO primarily fulfills these goals by hosting speakers to discuss relevant political topics and opening time for student discussion, debate and evaluation of these topics.

These speakers represent various backgrounds, opinions and political parties, exposing students to viewpoints that may be similar or dissimilar to their own.

“We didn’t want to have a College Republicans or College Democrats [organization],” Abrams said. “The Public Policy Organization transcends that partisan label, [and has] a broader appeal.”

Abrams described the Public Policy Organization as “a much-needed organization that fills a gap in student life.”

The organization is separate from and goes beyond Student Legislature, allowing for participation from a much greater number of students as well as providing unique services to students.

In addition to hosting speakers, the PPO assists students with voter registration and facilitates opportunities for students to volunteer as campaign workers.

Abrams said she hopes for participation from students from all majors, and that she believes the PPO will benefit students of all majors.

Because public policy touches areas of everyday life, she said, everyone needs to have an understanding of it and how politics affects them.

“The organization should interest not just political science majors,” Abrams said. We are hoping [the organization] appeals to more than just the ‘political crazies.’”

Abrams said that political awareness should not just be a hobby or an interest, but that it is a duty for all Christians because the concept is biblically ordained. She described it as an issue of stewardship, one that demands the attention of every single generation, including our own.

“Scripturally we are called to be salt in light—to participate—to know about our government. If we don’t know about our government, how can we possibly participate?”