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February 12, 2016
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Pi Gamma defeats Omega, 25-24

Society Inductions Photo by Jim Block, 2015

The Pi Gamma Delta Royals B team defeated the Alpha Omega Delta Lions B team
25-24 on Tuesday night.

Both the Pi Gamma B team and Omega B team had not yet won a game this season, but were each hoping to notch their first win in this highly anticipated matchup.

Early on, Pi Gamma played tough defense, as the Royals’ Juan Duarte came up with a big block. Omega’s defense was also solid, and they converted several Pi Gamma turnovers into offensive moves on their way to taking a 3-0 lead.

Pi Gamma countered with a run, scoring 12 straight points, courtesy of several free throws from Ben Peeler and excellent team play led by point guard Brandon Vazquez. Stephen Yurkin hit a few shots, and Chris Hyde hit a three-pointer to continue the run.

Omega’s Tristan Pawson ended the run with a layup right before the half. Thanks to their efforts, Pi Gamma took a 13-5 lead into the half.

Omega started the half with a 4-0 run, and their offense continued to thrive, especially when closely controlled by Royals’ Evan Lewis and Todd Slamans.

Pi Gamma’s Peeler ended the short run with a deep three-pointer, and Chris Hyde followed with another nice three-pointer to give the Royals a 21-11 lead.

Omega proceeded to go on an 8-0 run by capitalizing on the height of  Jonathan Healey and Tristan Pawson.

Lewis scored a layup to make it 19-21 with less than five minutes remaining.

Soon after, Peeler fouled Lewis. Lewis made the layup and the free throw to give Omega the lead 22-21. The teams fought back-and-forth, until Pi Gamma rushed down the court and found the sharp-shooting Duarte who caught and shot to give Pi Gamma the win 25-24.

“We really played together tonight,” the Royals’ Vazquez said. “We played really solid defense. On offense, we moved the ball around, and found the open man. So, it was really an all-around effort.”

Pi Gamma Royals B Team looks to carry the momentum from this win into Monday night’s game against the Lanier Falcons’ B team.

Omega’s B team looks to bounce back from the loss against the Sigma Spartans on Monday.