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Tau Delta Chi Kangas hop past Tigers for 31–27 victory

The Tau Delta Chi Kangas claimed victory  Saturday over the Theta Delta Omicron Tigers 31–27 after a fierce battle.

Even before the game started, the teams were focused and energized. The Kangas’ coach Becca Williams gave her team a pre-game pep talk as the Tigers’ fierce determination showed on their faces as they walked onto the court.

Both teams played aggressively from the tipoff. The Kangas’ Bethany Stewart put the first points on the board just over a minute into the game.

Within the next 45 seconds, the Kangas scored four more points to put the score 7–0.

The Tigers were undeterred, as Emily Yancey and Megan Plants scored to bring the Tigers within two points of the Kangas.

With 10 minutes left in the first half, the Kangas called a timeout. The Tigers took this opportunity to switch to a 1–3–1 zone defense in an effort to stop the Kangas from scoring.

Despite many traveling calls, the Tigers were able to catch the Kangas with a series of layups from Kate Dingeldein.

With the score tied 12–12, Dingeldein hit a buzzer beater to end the first half with the Tigers up 14–12.

The Kangas’ Angelica Greene scored six points in the first half, while the Tigers’ Yancey scored seven points.

The Tigers did not keep their lead very long into the second half. The teams battled back and forth until Greene broke the tie with a long three-pointer. With 12 minutes left in the game, the Tigers called a timeout, down 21–18.

During the timeout, the Kangas were in high spirits. Senior Bethany Williams encouraged her teammates to keep passing the ball to move the Tigers’ defense out of position.

The Tigers stayed in a tight huddle and came back onto the court with an intense energy and focus.

With four minutes left in the game and the score 25–20, the Tigers called another timeout. Both teams upped their energy in the final minutes, but the Kangas’ Becca Williams dominated the defensive rebounding. As a result, she scored four points extending the Kangas’ lead, 31–23.

The Tigers never gave up, but kept fighting to the very end. In the final 20 seconds, Yancey and Dingeldein both scored for the Tigers. Their effort brought the final score to 31–27, but the Kangas took the victory.

“That’s the first time we’ve beaten [the Tigers] since 2012,” captain Becca Williams said.

The Kangas fought hard for this victory and were proud of each other.

Williams also praised her team for good passing and moving the ball around well toward the end of the game.