Alpha Theta Pi Razorbacks dominate Kappa Sigma Chi Knights, 58–24

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Alpha Theta Pi Razorbacks dominate Kappa Sigma Chi Knights, 58–24

The Alpha Theta Pi Razorbacks dominated the Kappa Sigma Chi Knights Thursday night winning 58–24.

The Knights are 5-2 for the season and hold fourth place in the American League. Alpha is undefeated and is in first place in the National League.

Alpha started the game well. They went on a 12–0 run to begin the game, capped by a three from Ben Knoedler. The Knights’ Wesley Shebs finally ended the run with a deep three.

The Knights’ Scott Diggs hit a three as the Knights countered with a 7–0 run. But Alpha’s Jared Newcomer stopped the run with a layup. The Knights closed the gap to 9–14, but Alpha’s Stephen Bruce drove to the rim and made the layup despite a foul. This play sparked the Razorbacks, and they went on a 12–0 run.

At halftime, the score was 36-13 with the game clearly in Alpha’s hands.

In the second half, Alpha went on another run. The Knights were not able to keep up with Alpha’s height or superior skill, but Alpha did not let up.

They continued to rotate in the starters and found good scoring opportunities. The final score was 58–24.

“We started off the game really well,” Knoedler said. “We moved the ball around and hit the open shots. We also rebounded well.”

Alpha’s path through the playoffs to the championship seems clear, but whether or not they can handle whichever team emerges from the competitive National League is yet to be determined.