Colts trample Cardinals 33–20

Spring Break 2016
March 18, 2016
Razorbacks A slash Cobras 42–41 in fierce battle Tuesday night
March 18, 2016

Colts trample Cardinals 33–20

The Cardinals face off against the Colts. Photo by Ian Nichols. 29.21

In a highly anticipated matchup between the fourth-ranked Theta Sigma Chi Colts and the sixth-ranked Beta Epsilon Chi Cardinals, the Colts came away with a 33–20 win to advance into the semifinals of the women’s society basketball tournament.

The Colts opened with a straightaway three by Chalice Pack as the Colts jumped out to an early 7–1 lead, causing the Cardinals to call a timeout.

Most of the Colts’ successful scoring opportunities came by getting the ball into the post against the Cardinals’ 2–3 zone defense.

They utilized good ball movement and team play, and the Cardinals were overmatched throughout the first half.

The Colts took a 10–1 lead, but the Cardinals clawed back to a four-point deficit. At the half, the Colts commanded a 14–8 lead.

Pack led the Colts with five points, while Elizabeth Humburg tallied four. Bekah Misiura tallied five points for the Cardinals.

The Colts started the second with two straight three-pointers, and the Cardinals could not keep up with the energetic Colts.

Using excellent ball movement and a scrappy defense, the Colts went on an 11–0 run to begin the second half.

Despite the large deficit, the Cardinals did not give up, but the gap proved too large to come back.

With 5:06 left, the Cardinals called another timeout, down 27–15.

With one minute left, Misiura, the Cardinals’ primary ball handler, fouled with the Cardinals down 33–18.

The Cardinals were unable to develop a solid comeback,  however, and they eventually fell to the Colts 33–20.

Kayla Ellenwood led the Colts with 11 points, while Pack finished up the game with nine points.