Omega Lions are defeated by Beta Patriots, 25–14, 25–11

Beta triumphs over Spartans, 2–0, in volleyball
April 8, 2016
Alpha faces Phi Beta in quarterfinal
April 8, 2016

Omega Lions are defeated by Beta Patriots, 25–14, 25–11

Shot of society Vball game. Beta v. Omega

The Beta Gamma Delta Patriots defeated the Alpha Omega Delta Lions in two sets during a Tuesday night matchup.

At the beginning of the first set, both teams went back and forth, trying to establish an upper hand. Lorin Pegram and Deon Vidal led the Beta squad while John Wilson led Omega.

Beta’s Deon Vidal killed a spike to make it 7–7, and Beta’s Pegram followed it up with another powerful spike. The Patriots’ Kirtis Yurchak also contributed several strong spikes, and Beta went up on a 14–8 run. Brent Hansen was a key player for Beta down the stretch, as Beta handily won the first set 25–14.

In the second set, Omega started off well with Will Peek setting up Karl Walker for a kill. The Lions formed an early 5–2 lead.

However, Beta quickly stormed back. Ashton Goad tied up the game on a serve before hitting an ace on his next serve to give Beta the 7–6 lead.

Beta and Omega battled, but after a powerful spike by Beta’s Pegram, Beta was up 19–11.

Beta continued the momentum. Mike Meroff, Beta’s sophomore setter, showed improvement through the second set, while Abe Crow and Will Sowers also looked solid. Beta continued their run and won the second set 25–11.

“I thought we really came together tonight,” coach Pegram said. “We did a great job of putting the ball away. Our passing could use some work, but all in all it was a great match for us.”

“We really worked hard today,” Ashton Goad said. “Our bench guys looked good out there and are really getting better.”

With the win, Beta improved to 2–0. Omega moved to 1–1 with the loss.