Patriots sweep Lions 3–0

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April 29, 2016
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September 15, 2016

Patriots sweep Lions 3–0

The Beta Gamma Delta Patriots shut down the Alpha Omega Delta Lions in the men’s intramural volleyball game quarterfinal on Tuesday night. The Patriots won the first three sets, advancing to the semi-final round.

In the first set, Beta’s Lorin Pegram killed a strong spike to set the tone for the match. The Patriots’ hitting and setting was fantastic, and they played well as a team. Kirtis Yurchak had a nice hit to the back corner, and Beta jumped out to an early 13–6 lead. Pegram had numerous hits that couldn’t be returned. Brent Hanson had a nice block to end the first set, and Beta won 25–15.

The Lions looked to win the second set but were met by the Patriots’ intense offense. Pegram had a spike for the first point, and Hanson had another great spike that the Lions couldn’t handle. Beta’s Ashton Goad continued to have flawless sets and made it easy for his teammates to spike the ball, and the Lions eventually fell to the Patriots, 25–18.

In the third set, the Lions began serving, but the Patriots quickly took over, jumping out to an early 7–1 lead. The Patriots’ Derek Doran served an ace as Beta continued to dominate. The Patriots played as a team and communicated well, and they took the last set 25–15.

“We are looking really good, and we played well tonight,” Beta’s coach Pegram said.