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April 29, 2016
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Student Voice: What does your college dash look like?


Four years.

And yet all of that is represented by one single symbol —one dash.

That’s how long I’ve been learning, growing and laughing on this campus. I’ve taken 49 classes, worked four jobs, traveled on a mission trip and made countless memories.

I’ve worked on The Collegian staff six semesters in three different positions, and I’ve completed three internships.

I made friends on day one who I’ve stuck it out with until the end, and I’ve also made some pretty phenomenal friends in the last month who I wish I’ve known for years (and it already feels like I have, too).

I can keep on going, but you get the point.

So many important things are summed up in this one, tiny line.

My dash is full of lessons learned and blessings received. God has been immensely gracious and merciful to me time and time again when I haven’t deserved it in the slightest.

He was constant while everything else was changing in this crazy chapter of life we call college. Through the storms, He was there. Up the hills, He was there.

But no dash is the same. Your dash more likely than not has the same outline, but with different pieces.

You have your own story to tell, whether you’re finishing your fourth or fifth chapter or just starting a new book.

The numbers on the ends aren’t what matter, but how you lived between them.

Don’t let your college years go to waste. Use them to grow academically, socially and spiritually. Academically, push yourself. Always be fighting to beat what you think is your best. Socially, reach out to people. Make connections and put time and effort into people. Spiritually, always aim to glorify God in all you do. Constantly pursue Him, and He will never fail you.

So, what does your dash look like?