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September 15, 2016
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September 15, 2016

BJU tributes victims of 9/11 attacks

Students add flags to the memorial

For 15 years, Sept. 11 has been a somber day for the United States. This year, BJU commemorated that tragic day with a 2,977-flag display at the main campus entrance—one flag for every victim.

Although The University places flags on the front of campus every year in honor of those who died, this year’s display was even more substantial.

Near the flags stood a 14 x 6 wall listing all the names of those who perished in the attack.

At night, two spotlights pierced the black sky in memory of the fallen Twin Towers.

In the lobby of the Welcome Center, The University’s piece of steel girder from the North Tower sat on display surrounded by American flags.

Public relations director Randy Page, student body presidents Nate Hudson and Emily Weier, and student leadership council event coordinators Bobby Kern and Kailey Holloway all contributed to the planning and execution of the impressive memorial.

Weier said her visit to the memorial in New York City, called the Tribute in Light, sparked her idea for the two spotlights. Randy Page proposed the idea for the wall.

Some BJU students still remember personal details of that day despite the passing of 15 years.

Kern said he remembers the day especially well because it was his 6th birthday.

“I was in first grade. I was passing out the treats for my birthday to my class when the announcement came through that we were all going home early,” Kern said.

Senior accounting major Sarah Manly said she remembers being home from school that day because her dad had appendicitis.

“I remember being scared and confused,” Manly said. “Later on my parents explained to me exactly what happened.”

Manly said she also remembers that attendance at her small church the next Sunday was almost doubled.

Because many BJU students were too young to have vivid memories of the attack on the World Trade Center, Page and Weier agreed that it was important to reflect on the impact the attack had on our country in this 15th-anniversary display.