Student Organization Forum to unify

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September 15, 2016
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September 15, 2016

Student Organization Forum to unify

This year on campus, representatives from a vast number of student organizations will meet together six to eight times annually in what has been named the Student Organizations Forum.

This committee, made up of roughly one or two delegates from about 26 organizations, will come together to unite the campus of BJU in a whole new way.

The purpose of the forum is to increase coordination between the many diverse student organizations.

“The goal of the forum is collaboration among all of the campus organizations,” Emily Weier, SLC representative, said. “There is so much going on around campus, and student groups are often unaware of what other groups are hoping to accomplish.”

Dr. Eric Newton, dean of students, communicated to members that this committee has the potential to voice the various perspectives and needs of different groups on campus and develop a greater understanding of the whole student body.

Beginning at the first meeting, Weier recalled, student leaders already had the chance to connect in all new ways.

Other goals include gathering together to promote President Pettit’s vision for the campus and to improve and expand BJU’s co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Smaller groups from the forum will meet with President Pettit regularly to provide a more complete view of the diverse student body and their individual needs and accomplishments.

With a growing interest in student organizations on campus, the Student Organization Forum through discussion, collaboration and organized meetings with university leaders, will make significant strides in enhancing the BJU experience.