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Dr. Brian Vogt talks to students. Photo by Rebecca Snyder. 30.2

“God has providentially chosen for me to have cancer at this point in my life,” said Dr. Brian Vogt, head of the Chemistry Department, “so that He will make me more like Christ and use me to influence other people.”

Two years ago after discovering a lump in his neck, Vogt was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s follicular lymphoma. Since his diagnosis, the cancer has progressed, but he continues to press forward despite the obstacles thrown his way.

After thorough consideration, Vogt has decided not to receive any treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, since research shows that patients with this particular cancer who sought treatment, and those who did not, had nearly the same progress.

Vogt stated that for some time he struggled in coming to terms with his diagnosis. However, he has since realized that this is exactly where God wants him.

“I’m where God wants me to be, doing what God wants me to do, and when He wants me to do it,” Vogt said. “I think I’m doing what God wants me to do and by His grace I intend to keep on doing it.”

While the cancer itself is very serious, Vogt added that there have been some positive aspects to it. It has helped him become more gentle and patient towards others as well as aided him in his spiritual growth.

“The Lord has certainly used this to change me,” Vogt said, “and the Lord sometimes uses me to influence other people.”

Vogt also has documented his journey on his blog,
“Chemeditations.” Through this, he has been able to write and share the experiences he has encountered thus far.

Vogt mentioned that the theme of the chapel series for this semester, Our Ancient Foe, is “very timely.”

“I have found in this situation that there’s a lot of spiritual warfare and the necessity of going to [God and His Word] . . . it’s an area where all of us need to grow.”

As Vogt continues this journey in his life, he has been able to demonstrate God’s providence to many of his students both past and present.

“God is clearly doing things here because I have cancer, and it’s wonderful as a believer to have a recognition that there’s purpose in this,” Vogt said. “It isn’t just arbitrary. It isn’t accidental.”