Snapshot – 11/18/16
November 18, 2016
History of Black Friday
November 18, 2016

Responding to riots, national unrest about Trump’s election

Burned property, destroyed flags, flipped cars, blocked highways.

“Not my president.”

“No more Trump.”

From Portland to Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, riots  and demonstrations have been a widespread response to our newly-elected president.

Some universities have responded by canceling classes and moving due dates to give their students “time to cope” with the election results.

And just like they did before the election, many people are taking to social media to express a wide variety of emotions.

Some are happy. Some are outraged. Some are relieved. Some are scared.

Of course, a mix of feelings is only to be expected after an event as large as the presidential election.

What should be the response of the Christian?

First, be realistic. The election is over; expressing your love or hatred of president-elect Trump can no longer sway anyone’s vote.

Second, be mature. Before you make a statement, consider your motive behind expressing your opinion.

Third, be respectful. Regardless of whether or not you agree with his views or respect him as a person, we should at least respect the position that Donald Trump now holds as our 45th president.

We also need to be respecful of other people. Because this topic is so emotionally-charged, be sensitive to others’ opinions and don’t exalt your own thoughts as superior.

Ultimately, we need to respond in love. I John 4:11 says, “Beloved,  if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.”

God always responds in love to us even when we do things that aren’t pleasing to Him. So even if someone offends you, be loving.

Choose to respond in love to those with whom you disagree and seek to represent your Savior in everything you do and say.