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Go Greenville 2.0 to connect students with ministry

International Student Fellowship at the Center for Global Opportunities. Photo by Anita Goodman

Go Greenville 2.0 will be held Jan. 27-29 and Feb. 3-5 and will have a variety of outreaches—including nursing home, Bible club, Juvenile Detention Center and street-witnessing opportunities.

Matthew 28:19-20 commands Christians to go out into the world and spread the Gospel. The Center for Global Opportunities wants to help students fulfill this great commission.

The CGO is launching this semester’s GO Greenville outreach program to be an avenue for students to reach beyond themselves and share the love of Jesus with a dying world.

Nick Mauer, Go Greenville coordinator, invites every available student to participate.

“Go Greenville is primarily an opportunity for students at the University to get one-time experience in an outreach without a long-term commitment so that they can experience a variety of different outreaches and figure out which one would best suit them,” Mauer said.

Unlike last semester, Go Greenville this semester is partnering with these established nursing home, Bible club, Juvenile Detention Center and street-witnessing outreaches.

The goal is for students to have a better understanding of where their gifts can be used most effectively and continue with that established ministry after the initial Go Greenville activity has ended.

“We want [Go Greenville to] foster in students a love for a type of outreach that will then translate into a long-term commitment to that outreach,” Mauer said.

Mark Vowels, director of the Center for Global Opportunities, urges students to sign up.

“Part of our identity as followers of Christ is to be reaching beyond ourselves to give the good news of the Gospel and to make disciples,” Vowels said. “Go Greenville is an organized avenue of doing that.”

Go Greenville is important because of “the nature of Christianity,” Vowels said.

“It gives us experiences outside of campus meeting people who don’t have the same worldview or perspective or experience that we have, and it’s a nonacademic activity [that is an] overall building experience for student development,” he said.

“Simply being fearful is really not a New Testament excuse. Every human being can push themselves,” Vowels said.

“It all comes back to what you really care about and what you really believe in.”

Vowels encourages students who do not feel equipped to still get involved.

“Nobody is adequately equipped [for ministry],” Vowels said.

“That is why God gave us the Holy Spirit. [But] most people are far more equipped than they feel like. You will never really know until you try,” he said.

Students who would like to sign up to participate in this semester’s Go Greenville outreach can stop by the CGO office inside the Alumni building or email Nick Mauer at nmauer@bju.edu.

Go Greenville event dates can be found on the BJU academic calendar.