Human interaction versus convenience: worth the trade?

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February 3, 2017
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February 3, 2017

Human interaction versus convenience: worth the trade?

On Monday Starbucks announced the launch of a new voice ordering feature to their mobile app.

An extension of Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay (which allows customers to order ahead of their arrival at the store), My Starbucks barista is an Al-based virtual assistant that will enable customers a simpler alternative to order by voice command or text message instead of scrolling through several app pages.

In cases such as this, technology makes the customer’s experience even simpler and faster.

The concept of replacing human beings with technology for the sake of convenience is not new.

Self-checkout sections have been commonplace in grocery stores for over 20 years.

Now kiosks are quickly spreading from grocery stores into the restaurant realm.

Last year McDonalds, Wendy’s and Panera were a few of the restaurants that hopped on the technology train.

These companies have cited increased minimum wage as a major reason for replacing some of their employees with machines.

But they argue that the value of the technology extends beyond financials.

The kiosks are also supposed to decrease human error and grant customers greater control over their order.

Why is this option so appealing? Are we really always in so much of a rush that we can’t be bothered to order in the “old-fashioned way”?

It seems that even when mutiple cashiers are open, the self-checkouts are always busy.

The concept of getting the things we want without having to interact with anybody is appealing to us because its easier. Simpler. It leaves us in control and eliminates the chance of someone else making a mistake and therefore messing up our day.

What if we used these seemingly insignificant opportunities while out and about to make a difference in someone’s day?

What if we stopped focusing on our busy schedules, our desire for control and saw human-operated ordering and checkout as an opportunity to  spread God’s love and light?

Don’t waste the opportunities God gives you each day because you’re too worried about your schedule and your wants to notice.