Genesis and the Gospel: Creation Education Conference

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February 10, 2017
Column – 2/10/17
February 10, 2017

Genesis and the Gospel: Creation Education Conference

A special one-day educational conference focusing on creation and planned for Christian high school and homeschooled students will be held on campus Monday.

The conference, titled “Genesis and the Gospel,” will feature Ken Ham, who will also speak Tuesday at BJU’s Seminary Conference “The Church and the Battle for Biblical Creation” and also  during the annual BJU Bible Conference.

Monday’s conference will be unique as it is geared specifically to precollege students.

The Genesis and the Gospel conference will cover a variety of topics that focus on the scientific history of the earth and how to defend the Christian faith.

In the first session, Ham will discuss how it is scientifically possible to explain that men walked the earth at the same time as dinosaurs.

Ham will also discuss how God created the dinosaurs, whether the dinosaurs ate fruits and vegetables, and if dinosaurs were able to fit on the ark.

In the second session, Ham will address how important it is to trust the authority of Scripture.

The session will focus on  current events and compare how Scripture lines up with those specific events.

In the third session, Ham will explain “creation evangelism,” or how to use the concept of original sin to evangelize those in our current secular culture who are not believers.

Ham will explain to attendees how the Genesis account is critical to the Gospel.

Bobby Wood, BJU’s Chief Enrollment Officer, said the 2017 BJU Genesis and Gospel Conference is a way for the University to make connections with other, like-minded Christians who hold a literal interpretation of Scripture.

Wood said BJU is privileged to have a large number of Ph.D. scientists who are Young Earth creationists.

“We want people to see the benefit of attending a [university] that lines up with their biblical worldview,” Wood said.

“Ken Ham will show that BJU stands for a literal interpretation of Creation,” he said.

All sessions will be held in the FMA.

Pam Cushman, BJU events coordinator, said the campus is expecting more than 3,000 guests for Monday’s Genesis and Gospel Conference.