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February 10, 2017
Genesis and the Gospel: Creation Education Conference
February 10, 2017

The Church and the Battle for Biblical Creation

BJU’s Seminary will host a conference titled “The Church and the Battle for Biblical Creation” beginning Monday evening and continuing throughout the day on  Tuesday.

Featuring guest speaker Ken Ham along with BJU professors, the seminary conference will go deeper into the topic of Young Earth Creationism with a focus on its implications in science, 
theology and the church.

The idea for the seminary conference originated with science professors Brian Vogt and Bill Lovegrove when they  attended a conference that promoted the Old Earth view of Creation as held by BioLogos, an organization of scientists, professors, and others who hold to theistic evolution.

Because BioLogos’ view stands in stark contrast to the position held by Bob Jones University and other organizations like Answers in Genesis, BJU decided to hold a conference focusing on the Young Earth, literal six-day view of Creation.

BJU seminary professor Jim Berg said, “BioLogos is gaining traction in evangelical circles. They do not believe in a literal six-day Creation, but rather they attribute Creation to theistic evolution which then carries implications for the issue of a literal Adam and Eve.”

The Seminary Conference, he said, is an opportunity to look at this topic in depth.

“Our position as a university is for a literal six-day Creation,” Berg said, “and it is the position that all of our science department, School of Religion and Seminary hold. This conference will equip the people at the front lines of this debate. Students, scientists and pastors will be able to have answers to all of the questions they may encounter.”

Isaac Bryden, a first-year seminary student studying theological studies, said, “I’m excited for the session with Layton Talbert on the historical Adam.”

Speakers include Ken Ham (President of Answers in Genesis and Creationist Apologetics), Dr. Bill Lovegrove and Dr. Brian Vogt (BJU science faculty), Dr. Layton Talbert and Dr. Jason Ormiston (BJU Seminary faculty) and BJU President Steve Pettit.

The conference begins in the FMA with session one at 7 p.m. on Monday Feb. 13 and sessions 2-7 in Rodeheaver Auditorium on Tuesday. The cost is $25.

For more information, visit seminaryconference.bju.edu.