What’s your 100-day plan? Aim high, keep your word, get busy

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February 10, 2017
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February 10, 2017

What’s your 100-day plan? Aim high, keep your word, get busy

Exactly 2,400 hours and 144,000 minutes go by in the course of 100 days. A lot can happen in 100 days.

America is beginning to evidence the power of 100 days since Trump’s inauguration three weeks ago.

President Trump’s 100-day plan has flooded the media since November and caused much controversy.

His plan includes repealing the Affordable Care Act, strengthening immigration enforcement, reforming government and increasing American workers.

Regardless of whether you agree with his plan, we can agree on one thing—the man knows how to create a plan and get things done.

His elaborate plan scared many Americans because of the serious changes expected to take place in the short span of 100 days.

But what’s wrong with aiming high? What’s wrong with making the most of the time you’ve been given right from the start?

Sure, Trump has a mind of his own and doesn’t conform to the cookie-cutter politician expectations, but he is making good on the promises of his campaign.

He is working fast to check off the boxes in his 100-day plan list.

Regardless of  your political opinion of Trump, we can all learn something from him.

What can you do in 100 days?

First lesson, aim high. Having a plan for your life with specific deadlines nearly guarantees a successful start.

Set the objectives of your plan high, yet achievable. Don’t worry if others think your plan is impossible.

If it is the right thing to do, pray for God’s guidance and strength, and go for it.

Second lesson, keep your word. Once you’ve set your goals, be sure to follow through.

Your plan is a promise to yourself to accomplish something worthwhile.

Keep your promises no matter how much you may feel like giving up—this builds character.

Third lesson, get busy. With a set plan and a determination to keep your promises, you can get to work.

Don’t waste one minute. Use this time on earth that God has given you to make a difference.

Too many people, Christians included, go through life without any sense of purpose or hope of bettering the world.

Don’t be another body simply living life going through the motions.

As Christians, we have a purpose to fulfill—glorify God and point others to Him.

The beginning of your 100-day plan starts now. Go make a difference.