Snapshot – 2/24/17
February 24, 2017
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February 24, 2017


For certain majors, internships are required for graduation. Internships can be done for academic credit or for the benefit of experience, but for some, the process of locating and applying for internship positions may seem overwhelming.

Jane Smith, director of the Center for Advising and Career Services, is ready and willing to help students looking for an internship.

“Part of [Career Services’] job is to help students find an internship or job,” Smith said.

Companies frequently contact Career Services looking for interns in a specific area. When that is the case, Career services will often contact students and program coordinators in that specific department.

Another way students can access possible internship opportunities is through Career Services’ job board, Career Central. Internships are posted on Career Central, and students are able to look for positions in their specific field.

Career Central can be accessed through the intranet. Once students create an account through Career Central, (which takes a few moments and is completely free!) they will be able to browse posted positions, upload their resume and narrow down their searches to a specific field.

Another way Career Services partners with students who are looking for an internship is through word of mouth.

Smith encourages students to communicate directly with her.

“Come talk to me. Let me know what you’re looking for. So, that way when I do get [internship opportunities] in, I can send them a personal email,” Smith said.

She encourages students to be proactive. “It’s not too early to start looking for an internship,” Smith said.