Farmhouse Tacos brings organic variety to Greenville restaurants

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March 31, 2017
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Farmhouse Tacos brings organic variety to Greenville restaurants

Exterior of Farmhouse Taco's, Sunday 3-19-17. Taken in Greenville, SC for a Collegian Restaurant Review.

Travelers Rest welcomed a new farm-to-table restaurant, Farmhouse Tacos, to its busy Main Street in January.

The restaurant’s mission is evident in their slogan, “Hand Crafted. Locally Sourced. Made with Love.”

Farmhouse Tacos mainly serves tacos and quesadillas, but they also offer appetizers and a few larger dishes.

Farmhouse Tacos prides itself in serving creative tacos and food.

Diners can choose from over 10 different types of unique tacos, with prices ranging from $3 to $5.50. These tacos range from more traditionally inspired tacos to more adventurous creations.

Some of the more unusual tacos include a crab cake taco with fried green tomatoes, a chipotle BBQ chicken taco and even a farmhouse buttermilk chicken taco.

The quesadillas cost about $10 to $12. The Farmhouse plates all cost $14 and include two sides, flour tortillas, sour cream, pico de gallo and guacamole.

The quesadillas are more traditional, with options like steak fajitas and charred ancho chicken, while the Farmhouse plates are more Southern inspired.

Plates like farmhouse buttermilk fried chicken and fried catfish are served with two sides, a tortilla, pico de gallo and guacamole.

All customers are served chips and salsa.

Chris William, co-owner of the restaurant, worked in white tablecloth French restaurants for 15 years before deciding to open Farmhouse Tacos.

William said that since fine French dining is going out of style, he came up with the idea to open a taco eatery.

William views the tortillas as a blank canvas. Tortillas allow William to use creative culinary techniques in his recipes, while keeping the food cost friendly and attractive to Greenville area residents.

On a recent Friday at
7 p.m., every seat in the restaurant was filled, with an average of a 45-minute wait.

The restaurant is clean and has a very modern style, with its mint green chairs at wooden tables, a counter with high-top chairs and an open ceiling strung with lights.

The restaurant also offers outdoor seating when the weather is warm.