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Senior writes, composes, produces short musical

A BJU senior theatre arts major, Colton Beach, is spending his last semester of college producing his own one-act musical along with a small cast and crew.

Mutually Exclusive: A One Act Musical premiers Friday at The Spinning Jenny in Greer with show times at
5 and 7:30 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased for $7 online.

As part of the event, playgoers can purchase local art and food from participating vendors and respond to an ASQ following both performances.

While Beach was in New York City this summer, Broadway conductors began to recommend that he produce original works while still in school.

Beach initially rejected the idea, thinking it nearly impossible.

But as time went on, Beach began to cultivate the idea in his mind to the point it has become his priority even over classes.

“I have made the time for [the production],” Beach said. “It has taken over my life.”

Beach composed the production’s music and wrote the script. But with the musical in its first production, there are no precedents for how characters should act.

Consequently, the cast has had great liberty to invent their characters’ personality and mannerisms. 

Beach said he has rewritten lines and entire scenes because a cast member said a character would or would not do something. 

Original student productions on campus are rare, but original productions off campus like Beach’s musical are nearly unheard of.

Multiple media outlets have covered the premier of Mutually Exclusive: A One Act Musical, including a write-up by Broadway World website and attention from local Greenville webpages.

The event is sponsored by Artios Greenville, a Christian academy with emphasis on the humanities.

Tickets are available at