Snapshot – 4/21/17
April 21, 2017
Column – 4/21/17
April 21, 2017

Seniors to choose roommates, receive additional privileges

Rising seniors can look forward to some exciting residence hall changes next year.

Next fall, BJU will offer senior residence hall students the option of living in a “senior room,” which will come with a variety of privileges.

Each room will house two seniors, and seniors will be able to choose their one roommate.

While seniors can have just one roommate, Student Life will work with seniors who desire to have two fellow seniors instead of one.

Daily room checks will be reduced to only once a week, and there will be no required lights out time.

These senior rooms will be sprinkled throughout the various dorms so seniors can still interact with and invest in underclassmen.

Seniors will continue to have the opportunity to be group leaders or assistant group leaders of their assigned discipleship group.

The option to be assigned to a senior room is open to anyone who is an academic senior and maintains a good disciplinary record.

Dr. Eric Newton, dean of students, said the goal of this policy change is to help senior students.

Not every residence hall student is at the same stage, and senior rooms acknowledge this.

Many seniors have internships, student teaching or clinicals, which make their schedules different from that of the average student.

Today is the first day students are able to submit a senior room and roommate request through the discipleship group request form on StudentCentral.

In addition to this new opportunity for seniors, underclassmen will now have the option of requesting to be in the same discipleship group as a friend.