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Hobby Lobby founder to headline STAND Conference, talk leadership

Bob Jones University welcomes precollege students and their families to the STAND academic and leadership conference on Feb. 12.

The conference will feature Christian businessman Steve Green as the speaker for this year’s education conference. Green is the founder and president of Hobby Lobby as well as president of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

Because of the recent prominence of Steve Green and his stand for Christian values, rights and freedoms through the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, many of the event planners believe that Green is a wise choice to headline the conference.

“It’s important to train our young people to face the situations they’re going to be going into as business [professionals] and whatever else they’ll be dealing with in life,” said Pam Cushman, director of events. “We’re hoping that we can bring in some [speakers] who have stood for their faith amidst opposition and did it well.”

The conference is called STAND, an acronym for Sound Teaching About Navigating Decisions. Courtney Montgomery, the event coordinator, said the conference will focus on the subject of leadership, discussing ideas such as leading as a Christian in the world and the importance of character.

Although the conference is geared toward Christian school and homeschool students from 7th through 12th grade, the event is open to the public. Over 1,200 people are expected to attend.

The conference includes two morning sessions by Steve Green, who will also speak during the regular chapel hour.

In the afternoon Matthew Weathers, BJU student leadership coordinator, will hold sessions about developing biblical leadership on a personal level for the high school students. The afternoon will also include an interactive leadership challenge to add a hands-on element.

During the afternoon, homeschooling parents will attend workshops with Dr. Greg Stiekes, a member of the Seminary faculty, as well as Dr. David George, a consultant. Christian school leaders will attend a workshops with Dr. Bobby Wood, chief enrollment officer.