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February 16, 2018
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February 16, 2018

Experts share tips to increase social media presence

photo: Rebecca Snyder

The year was 2006 and the world’s leading business and marketing experts were debating the importance of a new fad sweeping the nation—social media.

The whole concept was so foreign, so brand new that the entire business world was apprehensive at first.

But little by little they begin to enter the growing world of social media.

First a toe in the water. A few steps further and they were knee deep.  Fast forward to 2018 and you won’t find a company that’s not totally immersed in social media.

The debate’s over, and the ruling is final. This is one fad that’s here to stay. The question is no longer if we’ll use social media, but how will we use it effectively.

Social media has become not only an integrated part of individuals’ lives but also an established part of nearly every  organizations’ marketing and communication.

Bob Jones University is no exception to the social media trend. In fact, the University has been beefing up its social media strategies in recent years, even devoting a full-time employee for the first time this year to managing social media accounts.

BJU and its various departments actually have over a hundred separate social media accounts, primarily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The International Student Organization, Welcome Center, Community Service Council and First-Year Experience are just a few of the many campus organizations that maintain their own social media accounts.

While it isn’t uncommon for BJU’s social media posts to be seen by over 60,000 people, many campus organizations struggle to establish the kind of presence they wish they had.

With the help of campus experts, The Collegian has compiled a campus organization’s  guide to a stronger social media presence.