The Case for Christ to play tonight in Stratton Hall

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February 23, 2018
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The Case for Christ to play tonight in Stratton Hall

What happens when one journalist tries to disprove the Bible’s account of Jesus Christ? Find out tonight at 7 p.m. when BJU presents The Case for Christ.

Showing in Stratton Hall, the movie is free to both students and the public. No tickets are required.

The Case for Christ is based on the true story of an atheistic journalist’s quest to disprove Christianity to his newly converted wife.

Adapted from former atheist Lee Strobel’s best-selling book The Case for Christ, the story is set in 1980s Chicago where the protagonist, Strobel himself, is an award winning but arrogant legal editor for The Chicago Tribune.

When he learns about his wife’s recent conversion to Christianity, he declares she has betrayed him.

“You’re cheating on me with Jesus,” Strobel tells his wife in the film.

Spurred on by his jealousy  and, he uses his investigative skills to attempt to disprove Christianity by interviewing a variety of professionals. He works to examine the historical accuracy of the Gospels.

The more Strobel speaks with archeologists, doctors and other experts, the more he realizes Christianity is the truth.

“Okay God, you win,” Strobel admits as he reaches the end of his investigation.

Lee Strobel is portrayed by Mike Vogel. Erika Christensen plays the part of Strobel’s recently converted wife Leslie.

The Case for Christ, running just under two hours,  was directed by Jon Gunn and was released last April.

According to a review by Kevin McClenithan in Christianity Today, the film centers on the fate of Strobel’s marriage and not so much around the investigation itself. 

Although The Case for Christ is a memoir-like apologetics story, the film adaption focuses on the personal conflict Strobel faces as he comes to terms with accepting Christianity.