Rodeheaver sold out for Korean Children’s Choir

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April 6, 2018
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April 6, 2018

Rodeheaver sold out for Korean Children’s Choir

Members of the choir entertain with their brightly-colored costumes and synchronized choreography. Photo: Submitted

The Korean Children’s Choir will present a compilation of traditional folk songs and sacred selections April 6 at 7 p.m. to a packed-out crowd in Rodeheaver Auditorium.

The choir, which consists of children ranging in age from 6 to 13 years old, will perform traditional Korean dances complete with colorful costumes and engaging music.

The group has traveled across the United States performing at churches, schools and concert halls, including Carnegie Hall.

Dr. Billy Kim, the director of the Korean Children’s Choir, is an internationally known evangelist and humanitarian. For over 50 years, Kim and his wife have served in Korea through church and radio ministry. Kim, who is a graduate of BJA and BJU, has had the opportunity to preach the Gospel of Christ all over the world.

Dr. Bobby Wood, the chief enrollment officer at BJU, said, “We are excited that Dr. Bob Jones III has invited Billy Kim and created this opportunity for our students to gain from this incredible cultural performance.”

Jones said he had the idea for a concert at BJU reconnecting with Kim, his friend and former classmate, in New York City.

“The geographic and ministry divisions between us seldom allowed us to cross paths until almost two years ago when, at his invitation, I saw his choir of 500 children in a spectacular Carnegie Hall performance,” Jones said.

Korean students of BJU have also supported this endeavor by passing out fliers and inviting local Korean churches to the event. Shin Hye Lee, a junior international studies major, said, “If anyone is interested in Korean culture, they will definitely experience some of the culture and the choir is not only showing a cultural performance but with Christian music as well!”

Jones encouraged students to attend the event. “I believe the scaled down version that he is bringing to BJU will be much enjoyed,” Jones said. “They are here because Dr. Kim loves his alma mater.”