Letter to the Editor

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April 13, 2018
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April 13, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Last week, as a follow-up to Thursday’s appreciation day, The Collegian published multiple articles celebrating the faculty. We received significant feedback from students, faculty and staff. While much of the feedback was favorable, several members of the campus community voiced concerns they had. The following letter to the editor from Angela Maxwell, a student service representative at The Hub, represents many of those concerns.

I  want to keep this somewhat light-hearted, but I was a bit disappointed to see that The Collegian was dedicated to honoring the faculty and not the staff even though [last Thursday] was to honor both. I do hope that maybe in the next issue, you all could mention something about the staff as well. There have been many comments going around that we are the red-headed stepchild and feel a bit unappreciated because even the video in chapel yesterday focused mainly on the faculty.

Thank you for all of your hard work! I know that it was not intentional to leave the staff off  The Collegian, but it was discouraging.

And thank you for your consideration!

Angela Maxwell

Hello Ms. Maxwell,

Thank you for your message and for approaching what is undoubtedly a frustrating subject with so much grace. I genuinely apologize for our oversight in last Friday’s paper.

In planning the issue, it was our understanding from what was communicated to us that the day would specifically celebrate faculty.  We realized on Thursday that there had been some confusion.

We have taken your suggestion and featured staff members in a special edition of TalkBack as well as in a photo montage on page 3.

You are right that the oversight was certainly unintentional. As editor, I interact with members of the University’s staff each week and know well their dedication not only to BJU but also to the student body.

And while it may be a week late, thank you for your service to the University and to the student body. The Collegian and I appreciate you and your service here.

Ian Dyke

Editor, The Collegian