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April 20, 2018
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April 27, 2018

Editorial: BJU students should serve Greenville

Bob Jones University is a busy place and finding extra time to do anything is a challenge. But some things are worth finding time for, especially service. BJU students should be serving the Greenville community much more.

Often times, visitors encounter BJU students the first time when they visit for some special program or performance.

They see college students who don’t fit the normal description of college students. They can learn a lot about BJU from friendly interactions with our student body and the spirit of the campus community.

They might even enjoy the campus atmosphere and leave with a positive view of the University.

But if that’s all they are getting from one of the largest communities of young Christians in the country, is the student body really meeting its full potential?

It would be a shame to make it through four years of Christian education without ever taking the time to give back to the city of Greenville. The Greenville community should feel our presence well beyond the campus gates.

Staying within the BJU bubble is comfortable. It feels safer and easier. But it’s also wasted opportunity. The community should know that BJU students care about the city they reside in for the majority of the year.

And there are plenty of opportunities available to those willing to help. Students can probably find service projects that fit almost any schedule.

This might mean volunteering at churches, non-profits or community service projects, or it might mean doing something as simple as collecting trash off a city street or a group of friends taking food to the homeless and sharing with them the Gospel message.

BJU is full of talented and intelligent young Christians ready to discover and invent new ways to benefit the community with their talents and gifts. The only thing holding us back from an incredible impact is our own selfish desires.

The Center for Global Opportunities is a good place to start for those looking for ways to serve. Ministry programs like Go Greenville at the beginning of each semester are designed to inspire additional service throughout the year, but students shouldn’t just rely on special days or weekends.

Service to the community should be part of a Christian college student’s life, even beyond graduation.

Christians have many more opportunities to share the love of Christ with their community when the community can see Christ’s love through Christian service.

Many students are serving and witnessing on a regular basis. Many others are not. The semester is coming to a close, but there is still time to reach out to those around us. Imagine what the student body could do if we were all willing to sacrifice a little comfort and time.

If you haven’t been involved in the community this year,  take time this summer to serve your home community and come back next semester with new determination and ideas of how to give back your Greenville home.