Conference to encourage evangelistic missions

Column 4/20/18
April 20, 2018
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April 20, 2018

Conference to encourage evangelistic missions

This year’s personal evangelism series will explore the theme “Lift Up Your Eyes.” President Pettit said of this theme, “Jesus told his disciples that evangelistic opportunities were not coming in the future.

They were right now! They are right in front of you everywhere if you will only lift up your eyes and look.”

The primary speakers for the series are Dr. Pettit and Pastor Danny Brooks. Pastor Brooks currently works in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. Dr. Pettit will speak on Monday, several workshops will be available on Tuesday, and Pastor Brooks will speak Wednesday and Thursday.

Pastor Brooks said the primary messages he wants to focus on are God’s promises as the motivation of our evangelism and God’s power as the confidence of our evangelism.

Brooks said that while there is a great need for evangelism within the United States, more than a need is required to motivate people to be witnesses for Christ.

“What has become the compelling force in my soul is that God is all-powerful, His promises are unchangeable, and His unshakeable purpose of redemption is to save people from every tongue, tribe, and nation,” Brooks said.

Brooks said, “The evangelization of the nations is not a matter of ‘if it can be done’, but ‘when it will be done.’ “ He said that this should cause Christians to desire to know what God’s promises mean to them on a personal level.

“Why shouldn’t it be our generation that sees God’s promises fulfilled?” Brooks asked. “Why shouldn’t we be the ones to leave the comfortable and familiar in order to go where gospel light is presently the dimmest?”

Pastor Brooks hopes that the series will help students to see the need for evangelism in the world and that they have not only the ability but the duty to be witnesses for Christ despite other distractions they face in our present world.

“The redemptive purposes of God must factor into our choices of where will live, worship and earn our wages.

My prayer is that the promises of God and His power to fulfill those promises will do more to shape our vision for life and ministry than the cultural currents of economics, politics and social justice.”

Brooks concluded by saying, “My prayer is that the BJU family would seriously consider places like Utah for the working out of their own salvation and the fulfillment of Christ’s great commission.

The need is great, but the promises and power of God are greater still. Whether it’s Utah or not, find out where Jesus Christ is at work in the world and get involved!”